It’s simple to skip a workout – once the thought enters your mind, it’s nearly impossible to ignore. Suddenly that pile of dirty dishes and overflowing laundry basket take top priority. But, do you stop and think before skipping a workout? Or do you give in to the thought almost immediately?

Before making up your mind, be sure to ask yourself these three important questions. By putting the factors for not wanting to work out into perspective, you just might change your mind.

Why Don’t I Want to Work Out?

The first and most important question to ask is why you want to ditch out on your session in the first place. The answer to this question can be an indication of issues that have nothing to do with working out at all. In fact, a good workout might even be the answer to solving those issues.

A bad fight with your significant other: While you may want to crawl into a dark corner and hide until it’s over, neither that nor skipping your workout will help. Working out will allow you to clear your mind which is just what you need in a dispute with your loved one.

Self-consciousness: If you’re not feeling comfortable in your skin, you first need to consider why. If it’s because you don’t like the way your clothes look on you, it’s all the more important to work out; you’ll feel better immediately after.

Stress: If you’re feeling stressed, it’s easy to jump onto the couch, turn on the tv and ignore the issues. However, working out will allow you to release that tension, while improving your body, as well.

How Will I feel After?

Any active person will tell you – no one ever regretted a workout, but they regretted not doing it in the first place. Just like when you’re controlling food temptations, you have to consider how you’ll feel after. Not only will you likely feel physically sluggish, but disappointed in yourself. Skipping a workout is almost never going to make you feel better in the end.

Is There An Alternative?

Finally, if you really can’t get force yourself to complete the original workout, what can you do in it’s place? Luckily, simply getting active is enough to get your blood flowing and endorphins working, so consider what you’d rather do instead:

Talk out an argument while walking with your significant other.

Workout in your living room if you don’t feel comfortable at the gym for today.

Get work done while you walk on the treadmill if you’re feeling overloaded at your job.

Before you skip your next workout, it’s critical to understand why you want to skip in the first place. Not only is this a good way to remind yourself that working out will in fact make you feel better, but you may be able to pinpoint other issues that are keeping you from being your best self. Consider alternatives if you’re really struggling, because a variation of your original workout plan is better than no workout at all.