photodune-7044162-balance-xsHave you ever tried to balance on one foot and failed miserably? Mimicking your yoga instructor as she positions herself in the ‘tree pose’ (standing on one foot, while the other foot is positioned against the other and pressed against the upper thigh) seems easy enough. But without proper balance, it quickly becomes an impossible feat.  Do you want to run faster, jump higher or improve your performance on the tennis court?

Balance and mobility training is a must—and not just so you can look graceful or ‘clumsy proof’. Being in balance and having good mobility offers many benefits for every age group—and is a fundamental aspect of overall health.

The Benefits of Good Balance

How strong is your core? If it’s not nearly as strong as you want it to be, the signs are right there in front of you. You probably lose your balance every once in a while, and you notice that your coordination isn’t what it used to be. You may even be susceptible to injury—which is all signs of poor balance and mobility. Whether you realize it or not, everything that you do—from sitting down to dinner, to making a presentation for your boss—requires balance.

When you have good balance, the benefits go on and on. Here’s a few ‘perks’ to motivate you to action:

  • Good balance can help you improve joint stability.
  • It can allow you to improve issues with weak areas of your body, such as a “bad back”, or previously injured knees, ankles or shoulders.
  • Allows you to have more awareness about your body—and as a result, boosts your confidence!

Mobility Training—Why Does It Matter?

What’s your range of motion? Do you want to jump longer, or run farther?  Feeling flexible these days, or a little bit ‘tight’?  As you age, your body changes in many different ways. Even if you’re flexible, it’s your mobility that gives you strength within your range of motion.

For example, if you don’t have good mobility, you may be able to jump—but not jump very far. Or, you may be able to run a 5K, but not finish in the time you’d like to. Do you have inflammation problems in your knee or ankles? When you don’t have a strong range of motion, you run the risk of inflammation, as well as injury. Become fit through and through—by means of mobility and balance training—and you’ll become more active, stronger, faster and healthier for the long run.