Superstitious behavior can take many forms and in many different areas of your life. You may be a firm believer that walking under a ladder brings you bad luck, or that you need to ‘knock on wood’ in order to prevent something unfortunate to happen. But when it comes to your workout, can superstition help or hinder a toned body, lean frame and killer abs? Regardless of what you believe, here’s three amazing ways to make silly ol’ superstitions work for you!

Believe in It, and Earn That Ripped Body

chickenHall of Famer Wade Boggs had an incredibly successful career as third baseman for the Yankees—even winning the World Series before he retired. And while his talent led him to Hall of Fame success, he is known to accredit it (at least in part) to his pre-game routine. Known as the “chicken man”, he would eat chicken before every game, as well as starting batting practice at exactly 5:17pm. Did he earn over 3,000 hits in his career because of the chicken and 5:17pm batting practice? You can be the judge, but one thing is certain—when you believe in something strongly enough, you can (and will) achieve it.

Superstition is a Motivator for Pushing Your Body Past All Limits

If your body is a vehicle in which you move through life, than your mind is the battery in which you keep that vehicle running properly. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to make bizarre and unusual rituals to work for you. The fact is, whatever superstitions you believe in (chewing gum while lifting weights, wearing the same unwashed workout top from your last cardio session or punching your glove before playing on your adult baseball league) superstitions bring you power because your mind is the powerful tool you have.

If You’re Trying to Shed Pounds, This Superstitious Trick Will Work Wonders

3D Bad Luck Cube textWhen it comes to fitness and weight loss, everyone has experienced some setbacks from time to time. Have you gained some weight that you’re struggling to use? Learn how to look at your ‘weight gain woes’ in a whole new way—thanks to a superstitious mind! One of the best ways to do this is by creating for yourself a strict morning routine that you can follow religiously.

When you fixate on a superstition (“If I don’t start my morning exercising, it will bring back luck to the rest of my day”) you hold yourself accountable to your exercise plan. Begin every day in the healthiest way possible—for example, an energy boosting cardio workout at the gym—and you’ll find your day running smoothly, whether or not it’s based off of superstition!

If you’re superstitious or even if you’re not, a set of strong beliefs that you need to enhance your workout results will ultimately give you the body you want! Take it at face value, and make note of any positive changes you see in your thighs, waistline, and even eating habits! Chances are, you’ll be surprised by what you find.