Overworked Business WomanIt doesn’t matter if you’re a wife, a girlfriend or on your own; married or single with children, or whether you’re in your early 20’s or late 50’s. When it comes to a balanced life, health and wellness is key. Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed by all of your daily responsibilities, chores and deadlines? If so, it’s time to place yourself as top priority—and a devoted wellness plan is your pathway there.

Get in the ‘Wellness Zone’

If the idea of sweating on a treadmill as you endure mile after mile of running doesn’t seem like the ideal way to start your Monday morning, it doesn’t have to be. Wellness doesn’t come in a ‘one size fits all’ package—just as you don’t. Wellness is the total health package that you give to yourself no matter how busy you may be. Incorporate fun, physical exercise, along with devoting some time to your spiritual, social and mental needs as well. Poof! There you have it—a well-rounded, balanced and happy life that gives back to you every single day.

Killing It Physically

Being physically fit isn’t a destination so much as it is the pathway to health, peace of mind and happiness. Take baby steps to accomplish your goals—whether it may be to lose 30 lbs., achieve toned, sculpted arms or finally lose your muffin top.

Do it in a fun way that will allow you to focus more on the activity than the end result. For example, if you want to feel better about the way you look, incorporate extra lunges in the weight room or get in touch with your sexy side (while getting a great workout) by taking a few Zumba classes.  Kill it physically, and you’re in the ‘wellness zone!’

Taking a ‘Time Out’ for Your Spiritual, Social and Mental Needs

Concentrated Woman Lifting WeightMany people take care of themselves physically on a daily basis, but fail to meet their other needs—which are just as important! If you’re busy juggling personal and professional responsibilities, it’s not easy to find the time for your emotional, spiritual and social needs. And as a woman, you may deal with guilt about taking that time away. You give all day long—to your boss, your spouse, your children and even your dog!—so now it’s time to make yourself happy. When you do, everyone else will be happier, too.

Start by giving yourself thirty minutes a day for whatever you’d like. A small amount of time can be the baby step you need to eventually give yourself more time socially and emotionally. Read the newspaper, workout, watch an episode of your favorite show, or get a cup of coffee with a good friend. When you do, you’ll see, feel and bask in the difference it makes from your attitude to your outlook on life…even one as busy as yours!