WineWho says drinking has to be a bad thing? Red wine is one of the best alcoholic beverages you can indulge in, and for more reasons that one. Delay aging, prevent tooth decay and prevent cardiovascular disease with a daily glass of Cabernet—along with a few stress relieving workouts. Here’s why you should integrate the wine/workout combo in your life today.

What Studies Say About Wine Drinkers…

What good does a five mile run do you if you end your evening with a few beers? According to a study done by the European Society of Cardiology, drinking red wine showed to improve cholesterol. Moderate amounts of wine—up to 2.5 glasses a night for men, 1.5 glasses for women—in combination with at least two sessions of cardio and strength training exercises per week, can protect your heart against cardiovascular disease.

If you like red wine—and the study proved it didn’t matter whether you chose to “Cheers!” to Cabernet or Pinot Noir—the results were the same: there were greater HDL (the good kind) cholesterol levels in conjunction with those who exercised and drank red wine in moderation.

Wine is Great for Your Heart (Just like a Good Cardio Workout, Is!)

If you’re on your way to achieving toned legs, washboard abs or strong shoulders, don’t make the mistake of drinking wine in excess. As the rule for anything else in life goes, moderation is key—and that goes double for your drinking habit.

Focus on the quality—not the quantity—of red wine by relaxing at the end of the night with a glass of your favorite variety. If you want to indulge, pair your Cabernet with a nice steak or pass on a martini during happy hour, and reach for a glass of Merlot instead. Just don’t overdo it. Keep the vegetable intake high, while the wine glass ratio is low.

The Benefits of Both

According to a study done by the New England Journal of Medicine, in which 12,000 women ranging in ages 70-81 were tested in their cognitive ability following a glass of wine, the results were consistently on point: red wine consumption caused an increase in their mental clarity and function by 23 percent. Just think what the pairing of red wine and exercise can do for you!

Do you feel like aging today? Sure, that question might cause you to scream out, “No way!” and if that’s the case, consider red wine (along with exercise) to be your personal fountain of youth. Red wine contains many antioxidants, which help to delay the aging process. And, combine that with taking a cardio class (Barre, anyone?) along weight lifting session each week, and you’re on your way to looking like a million bucks!