WorkoutThe only thing better than working out once a day is twice a day…right? Hold on, because when it comes to two a day workouts, the practice is in the approach. As they say, longer isn’t always better. But, if you’re optimizing each workout to blast fat and scorch calories (and you can motivate yourself to push through the hard stuff), then go for it (and it works)! We’ve got an approach that will work wonders for you—and encourage you throughout the process.

First, Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Before you start to tackle the two-a-day workouts (which are not for the wishy-washy gym goer but someone who is serious about reaching their goals), you need to be crystal clear on what you want to accomplish. So, ask yourself: what do you want to accomplish? Is it to blast fat in one area of your body (or multiple areas) and gain muscle? Or, do you want to focus on losing weight? Once you know what your goal is, you can cater your second workout of the day to focusing on either weight lifting or resistant training (to blast fat and gain muscle) OR cardio (to lose weight).

Spinning class in gymSecondly, Know Your Strategy

The way you’ll get results from a two-a-day workout plan is by optimizing both workouts. Many people make the mistake of working out longer rather than harder—and see little payoff in the end. You’ll be better off having two shorter workouts, but spread throughout your day and packed with high intensity intervals.

One workout in the morning and one workout in the evening is a great model to start with. Make each workout shorter (rather than longer), but intense and goal specific. So, your morning workout could be 30-40 minute resistant training session, and your afternoon workout could be 30-45 minutes of cardio. You can change things up from the weight room to a weight lifting group class or CrossFit, and in the afternoon you can switch up your usual treadmill or trail run for a spin, Zumba or dance class, instead.

Thirdly, Be Strict About Rest (and Even Cheat Days!)

When you participate in two-a-day workouts, your body will go experience a whole different type of fatigue. That’s why your resting days will be everything. In order to push forward to new fitness and weight loss goals, and reach them in a shorter amount of time than you would be doing one workout a day, you need to give your body adequate ‘rest and replenish’ time. Without two days a week of rest, your body will lose strength, motivation to continue, and even muscle.

Do your body good with a strategy in place that you stick to, and resting days that allow your body to heal. When you follow that plan, you’ll achieve a rocking body you can’t wait to show off…in less time than you think!