A recent Psychology Today article reported what most of us already know – couples that play together, stay together. Researchers have identified at least five benefits of working out with your sweetie. They include increasing happiness with your relationship and boosting your bond. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. That is the perfect time to try out this theory and do your body some good while you’re at it. Don’t worry if active date ideas elude you…we’ve got you covered.

Try Valentine’s Day partner yoga
Check out your local studio for classes that help you relieve stress and tune in to your partner. If you can’t find a class locally, look online for web based offerings. Set the mood with soft music and candles. Move through each pose with open awareness. Don’t worry if you aren’t very flexible, just modify as needed. The goal is to notice what is happening in your body, with your breath, and with your partner. Namaste.

Ride a bike
Don’t have a bike? No worries, look for local bike rentals near parks or trails. Riding bikes together is a great way to see your town from a different vantage point. It’s also fun. Enjoy the breeze, the trees or maybe even a little friendly competition – just be sure one of you won’t be a sore loser. Every date doesn’t have to involve dinner. Engaging in new activities together can help you see each other in different ways that ignite new sparks.

Climb a wall
Indoor climbing is cool and affordable. Check out sites like Groupon for specials that make it easy to take your love to new heights.

Dance the night away
Dust off your dancing shoes and bust a few moves. You can sign up for line dancing, salsa or ballroom dancing lessons. If you’re the kind of couple that likes to go your own way, skip the lessons and head straight for the dance floor. Check out Google for places near you that play the kind of music that helps you get your groove on and go!

Take a hike
Hit the trail for a twist on Valentine’s Day togetherness. Revel in nature and each other. See how long you can go without pulling out your phones. You’ll enjoy working up a sweat but you won’t work so hard that you can’t talk to each other as you walk.


This Valentine’s Day don’t make it just another dinner date night. Liven things up with some activity that gets your heart pumping in more ways than one.