Enjoy your vacation without abandoning your fitness goals. Keep those workouts going in full swing with these tips. 


Go for the obvious

The water is right there, so why not go for a swim? Swimming is a low-impact, full-body exercise and the perfect way to sneak in some fitness at the beach.


Make a run for it

Rocky Balboa – champion movie boxer – trained by running on the beach. You can too. If you’re new to beach running, run closer to the water where the sand is wet and more compact for stable footing.


Take the stairs

Lots of beaches have stairs, get in a few flights to ramp up your routine. Take the stairs two at a time for an extra challenge. No stairs? Try lunges or squats instead.


Be playful

Bear crawls on the beach provide a great sensory experience. Dig your hands and feet in the sand and walk along like a bear for a full-body workout.


Be brave

Paddle boarding is the ticket if your goal is to try something new, get some exercise and give yourself the freedom to be bad at something while you learn. Paddle boarding burns calories and improves balance. It also works your abs, arms, trunk, and legs. Go ahead and give it a try. If you fall or lose your balance just try again…and again.


Gather the gang

Ask your friends to join you in a game of Frisbee, catch or badminton. Adding at least one makes working out twice as fun. You’ll enjoy some camaraderie and, of course, a little friendly competition. Win or lose the game you’re still a winner at staying committed to your fitness goals.


Make your own circuit

Use the beach sounds and scenery as a backdrop for your personalized circuit. Choose 5 to 7 body weight exercises and add in some cardio. Here are some ideas: jumping jacks, planks, squats, sprints, high leg lifts, triceps dips, and mountain climbers. Mix it up to keep it fresh so you stay motivated to keep moving.


Bring your travel mat

Try yoga or Tai Chi on the beach. Both are good for the mind and body with the bonus of the beach scene.


Vacation doesn’t have to mean kicking fitness to the side. Try these fun ways to stay active. Fitness isn’t a chore, it is a gift you give to yourself for overall health.