Consuming protein helps your body in many important ways. Protein is essential for building muscle and bone. It also has a role in tissue repair as well as the production of certain enzymes and hormones in the body. Recently, protein has been touted as important for managing a healthy weight, too That’s because it helps you stay fuller, longer and boosts metabolism. Choose protein from quality sources to get the biggest bang for your nutritional buck. Here are six to try.

Maybe beans don’t immediately come to mind when you think of snack foods. Think again! Beans are loaded with protein and fiber, so you get a double dose of goodness. Whip up some white bean dip to enjoy with veggies or whole grain pita chips. Roast some chickpeas on high heat and season with your favorite Cajun spices for a tasty protein snack.

Greek yogurt
Enjoy creamy goodness while you get your protein on. Greek yogurt also has calcium for strong bones. Go for the full-fat version when you can. Adding a little fat to your diet makes food more satisfying and can help you avoid overeating.

Looking for a healthy way to satisfy your craving for a crunchy snack? Keep a handful of nuts on hand for a nutrient-packed punch. Nuts help lower cholesterol and boost heart health. Although they are high in calories, nuts can be a good choice when enjoyed in moderation.

Ezekiel bread with a smear of peanut butter
This is a perfect post work out, or anytime, snack. Enjoy whole grain carbs and protein for muscle building power with a side of extra energy.

Turkey Breast
Wrap a slice of turkey around a slice of cheese for a fulfilling snack you can feel good about. Turkey is low in fat and calories and tastes great. When paired with cheese you get both calcium and protein, plus you feel full without overdoing it.

Fish is high in protein, and sardines are no exception. Expand your snack repertoire with this small fry. Enjoy sardines straight from the can or mix with cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and a little lemon juice for an easy spread.

Healthy sources of protein are also abundant in eggs and lean meats such as beef and chicken. Harvard Health recommends multiplying your weight by 0.36 to determine your recommended
daily allowance. Aim for that amount each day with choices that support your overall health goals.