Whether you used to be a runner years ago (and you want to get back to it), or you simply want to become a runner for the first time, a morning running plan is for you. Starting your day off with running offers countless benefits (have the energy of a teenager again and reduce stress while achieving a fit body!), and improves your mental health, to boot!

Get the Support You Need
Even if you aren’t a ‘morning person’, that’s ok— because tip #1 will allow you to become one easily! Whether another family member can run alongside you, or you have a good friend who is passionate about running, finding someone to run with can make a world of difference. Just make sure to run alongside someone who is dedicated to morning running, and you’ll have the motivation to run even during those days they can’t make it.

Running womanThe Right Route
If you need to wake up an hour earlier than usual to get your run in (you’re busy, we get it!), tip #2 will come in handy— find a route that’s scenic and safe. Is there a pretty trail you can run nearby? What about a reservoir, or lake with running trails? The outdoors offers a variety of terrain and scenic views that will make a beginner’s morning running routine worth the early wake-up call!

Make It a Family Affair
Support starts in your home, so get your family involved in your goals. This doesn’t mean they need to run with you (your toddler may not be the best running partner, after all!) but a member of your household, like your spouse, can help you get out of bed when that 5 am alarm goes off— and hold you accountable.

Make Your Mantra Count
A mantra can make a world of difference when you strive to reach that fourth mile or that long stretch of road ahead. A mantra is a positive statement or thought that you focus on to get you through the discomfort when running gets rough. Something like, “I’m going to reach three miles today, and I’m going to feel amazing,” or “I believe in myself, and I enjoy the mile I’m in.”

It’s the One Thing You Do For Yourself
An early morning run is a great time to be with yourself in your own thoughts—and you can make it as positive and empowering as you want it to be! If nothing else, it’s the one thing you get to do for yourself all day, so make it count. Be present with each stride you take, and enjoy the fact that each morning you run, you’re becoming physically stronger, mentally tougher, and you’re changing your body for the better.