Regardless of whether you love or hate treadmills, you have to admit that they are very convenient and effective for workouts. With a treadmill, you’ll never have to worry about uneven terrain, road running, dark streets or even bad weather. 


However, as much as there are several benefits to using a treadmill for your workout routine, it’s important to note that they can also be very dangerous if the necessary safety precautions are not adhered to. 


Here are five tips on how you can use the treadmill safely and more effectively for your workout routine.


1. Always Look Forward


One of the most common mistakes people make when they’re on the treadmill is watching their feet. If you’re running on a treadmill and you stare at your feet or look to the side, you’re likely to lose your balance and end up falling. 


During your run, ensure you keep your eyes forward or on the console display. This is because when you stare down, you’re likely to move sideways unknowingly and get injured by the belt.


2. Don’t Run Barefoot or Wearing Flip Flops


Before working out on a treadmill, it’s important to ensure that your feet are well-covered. This is because the treadmill generates heat and friction that could harm your feet very easily. 


It is common for exercisers who use the treadmill barefoot to suffer from scrapes, burns, blisters, and other ailments. Wearing fitting shoes is important because they absorb the shock generated by the treadmill and relieve the stress off your joints. 


The reason wearing flip-flops on the treadmill isn’t recommended is because they tend to come off easily and cause an injury. 


Also, wearing shoes is very important, especially if you’re using a public gym. This is because germs and fungus can be spread easily through the feet from one exerciser to another.


3. Never Step Off a Moving Treadmill


It’s very tempting to want to leave the treadmill running while you answer the phone, change the channel, or even go to the bathroom. 


However, this is very dangerous not only to you but to the people close to the treadmill. Before stepping off the treadmill, use the pause button, or completely shut it off. 


4. Leave Enough Space


Using the treadmill safety is very important, but falls can happen even to the most experienced people. For this reason, before you begin your workout routine, it’s very important to ensure that no objects are lying around behind you. 


This is meant to ensure that you do not end up injuring yourself from being hit by an object in case of a fall. 


5. Know Your Limits


While using a treadmill, it’s important that you know your limits and work out within those limits. Pushing your body too hard could lead to an injury. 


Whenever you’re using the treadmill, ensure that you keep track of your heart rate and never exceed 80% of the target. This is because you could suffer from serious health issues such as a stroke or heart attack if you surpass 90% of your target heart rate. 




Treadmills are great workout equipment you can find in any gym. Working out on a treadmill is very beneficial as it keeps you in shape without worrying about the risks involved in outdoor running. 


However, the above safety precautions should always be followed to minimize the risk of suffering from an injury and to increase the effectiveness of your workout.