Looking for ways to cut calories? Try these super low calorie foods to help you feel satisfied and make smart nutrition choices. These five foods offer a number of health benefits like vitamins and minerals your body needs to be its best. They taste good, too. That means you can eat right without feeling deprived.


arugulaWith just 4 calories per cup you can enjoy unlimited amounts of this tasty, antioxidant packed leafy green. Like other low calorie choices kale and spinach, arugula is versatile. Enjoy it in a big salad or add to a sandwich for added crunch vitamin K and potassium. For a quick lunch try Italian tuna (150 calories in ½ cup) and cannellini beans (one tablespoon has about 20 calories) on a bed of arugula with a squeeze of lemon.


EggsOne egg has about 70 calories. Eggs are a good source of protein and all nine essential amino acids. Eggs are also important for eye health. They are a good source of choline which supports brain and cardiovascular health. Pair with tomatoes, mushrooms or zucchini (all have virtually no calories) for a tasty, low calorie meal you can enjoy any time. Be sure you to use cooking spray or a non-stick pan instead of oil or butter.

Brussels sprouts

Brussel SproutsIf you hated these as a kid, try them again. This time skip the over boiled preparation method and roast them instead to bring out their nutty, sweet flavor. A cup of sprouts has fewer than 40 calories, plenty of phytonutrients and fiber. Roast some apples alongside in the pan for extra fiber and flavor. Shave to enjoy in a salad, too. Other great veggie choices include broccoli and cauliflower. Both are versatile and very low in calories, enjoy raw, steamed, roasted without blowing your calorie budget.




applesAn apple a day will not only keep the doctor away it will also help you stay trim. A medium apple has around 60 calories.  They are loaded with fiber, which can help you avoid binge eating unhealthy snacks between meals. Bake apples with a crunchy oat topping for a guilt free treat. Other great low calorie fruit choices include oranges, lemons, grapefruit and berries. Enjoy out of hand, in salads or with non-fat Greek yogurt.


celeryA stalk of celery has only 7 calories.  Celery supports cardiovascular health, is filled with potassium and sodium, calcium and vitamin C. Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa offers a recipe for a lovely Three-step Celery and Parmesan salad. Of course you can also enjoy this crisp green treat with a smear of peanut butter for protein and a few raisins to get in some potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Make these foods a regular part of your diet for good health and easy weight management.