When it comes to working out there are a few must have items that make every sweaty minute just a little bit better. These top five are so common no matter who you are or how you work out you probably can’t do without at least one or two. Ready for the list? Here goes:

Woman with headphones at the gymMusic – Whether you use an iPod or an android device chances are the tunes you crank out keep you in your happy  place. Research has shown that music can reduce the perceived level of pain and exertion during exercise, which can help you go longer and harder. Music can also help you keep the pace during run, bike or swim workouts. If you want to go fast, choose songs that have about 150 beats per minute. Slow the pace with songs around 120 beats per minute. Free apps like rockmyrun.com can help you build your playlist.

Hydration belt – Water is the most important thing you can add to your workout. Start out fully hydrated to give your performance a boost. Especially if you are going to work out for more than an hour you will need to hydrate to replace fluids lost through sweat. Alternately, you can pack a water bottle.

Foam roller – These are an absolute must for after workout care. Foam rollers massage and soothe tired muscles while helping to lengthen and relax them . Use a roller to break up adhesions and help recovery so you are ready for your next workout.

Body friendly work out wear – When it comes to fitness there is a saying that goes, cotton is rotten. Avoid it like the plague if you value comfort. Instead choose breathable fabrics that wick moisture and help you stay cool. When it is cold or rainy opt for gear that protects you from wind and water. Don’t forget your feet. Cotton socks can cause blisters, so avoid them. Try several types of shoes to determine how much support is best for your individual needs.

Woman jumping ropeJump Rope – Say goodbye to excuses not to exercise with this childhood standby. Jump ropes are a must have because you can use them anywhere, anytime to get in exercise that benefits both the upper and lower body. Use one to burn calories, build stamina, improve balance, and build muscle tone. At home or on the road, inside or out jumping rope is a good way to work out.

The most important trick for remaining committed to your exercise routine is making it convenient and easy. Stick to a few exercise essential that help you more comfortably achieve your fitness goals. If possible, avoid costly fad items you are not likely to use. It isn’t the gadget or equipment that makes you exercise or lose weight. It is your commitment and effort, which can be just as strong even when you rely only on the basics.