When you do not have enough time for a workout, you need exercises that will stretch the full body allowing all the muscles and body parts to feel the impacts of the workout. These exercises should be shorter but create a big impact on the entire body. 


1. Star Jumps


Did you know that star jumps stretch your whole body? They involve all the muscles in the body. As you jump, the leg and thigh muscles stretch, ensuring the lower body is fit. The hands are equally stretched, ensuring all muscles around the neck regions remain functional. Star jumps also improve your brain coordination skills since the hand and the legs must move in a coordinated manner. 


2. Kegels


Kegels are exercises suitable for improving the functionality of the lower body muscles. They prevent minor injuries such as muscle pull, strings, and muscle exhaustions. They are also suitable for improving reproductive health, especially in men. You can make it a routine to do kegel exercises for about five minutes during the lunch and tea break sessions. All you need to do is stretch out your legs and ensure there is enough space between the two legs, then lower your body as if you want to sit. Stay in the position for about five minutes, and you are good to go.


3. Pushups


Push Ups do not require as much time as other exercises. All you need is a small space, and you are good to go. However, it’s recommended to do a modified push-up so that you exercise the whole body. Push-ups majorly benefit the backbone, spinal cord, and hand muscles. This modification will ensure you equally stretch the lower body muscles. As you go down, raise one leg of the ground and maintain it in the position while going up and down. Then shift to the next leg. Ensure you do twenty push-ups; ten while lifting the left leg and the other ten while lifting the right. You can do desk, wall, or floor push-ups.


4. Tricep Dips


This exercise is good for the ever-busy office workers. You can do it anytime, especially when thinking about something or having a conversation with a colleague. It fits in this category since it does not require time, and all you need is an office chair to anchor you. It stretches your thigh, leg, pelvic, arm, backbone, and neck muscles. It also stretches the wrist to protect you from arm strains or repetitive strain injuries. Try 20 dips daily, and you will feel the effects.


5. Standing Rear Pulses


Have you ever felt like your legs have gone numb while sitted? This is an indication of fatigue in the legs, and you need to do something about it. Get off your chair, push it slightly behind, and hold the desk for support. Next, bend one leg behind you and begin flexing it while raising the other heel a few inches. Press the raised leg behind you and begin swinging it back and forth. You can modify it by standing on your toes and supporting yourself with your fingers and not the entire hand.