Finding time and motivation to work out can be a real struggle. Getting up early is so hard when all you want to do is stay cozy and warm under your covers. At the end of a busy workday, the idea of heading to the gym doesn’t sound nearly as appealing as just going home to unwind. Ditch the guilt of skipping your workout by trying something new. Exercising with friends or taking a class might be the trick to kicking your regular routine into gear. Check out these benefits of group exercises for getting in shape.

1. Motivation

Working out with others can really be a great source of motivation. You have a built-in form of competition and will work to challenge yourself to beat your best record. In addition, having an instructor there to cheer you on is quite helpful. Also, you won’t want to let your friends down if they’re expecting you to show up.

2. Accountability

Not only will it be embarrassing to explain to group members that you decided to sit the last class out, you also won’t want to lose out on the money you paid for your class. Having people or circumstances to hold you accountable makes it much harder to justify missing an exercise session.

3. Structure

Sometimes working out on your own can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to it and haven’t established a personal routine. That’s why group exercises can be especially beneficial because they provide you with structure to follow. You just have to show up at a particular time and follow instructions from beginning to end.

4. Socialization

Working out with others is good for more than your physical fitness. It provides a time to socialize and interact with others, whether it’s in a class or a less formal atmosphere. Humans are social creatures. We tend to thrive on doing things with others. Your group exercise class or personal workout buddies can provide a wonderful outlet for engaging in activities you all enjoy. You’ll likely build new friendships or strengthen existing ones.

5. Variety

Let’s face it, moving from machine to machine at the gym can get kind of repetitive and tedious. Group exercise, in whichever form you choose, adds variety to your workout and makes it more fun. When something is enjoyable or new, you’re more motivated to want to participate. Trying a new class or going for a jog with someone different can really switch things up.

Keep these benefits of group exercises in mind when your workout routine is getting stale. You’re sure to find yourself skipping fewer sessions.