If you’re serious about reaching your fitness goals, improving your self-care routine or altogether losing that baby weight, then you may already know apps are everything. They’re a tracker, trainer and motivator all in one. If you’re new to the fitness app movement, then it’s time you get on board! Here’s some of the best apps to help you along your fitness journey.
Workout Trainer
This app is perfect for newbies to the exercise scene, and amateurs alike. It offers thousands of workouts for every body type, age, fitness goals and weight loss goals you may have. Crush your goals and start rebuilding your body with their Fresh Start program, or become nimble and quick with their Full Body Flexibility program. You can learn how to do each exercise with their extensive ‘library’ and search for workouts based on keywords, which you can then upload on your tablet or phone.
weightsFitted Lifts
Tracking your workouts and diet may be the single best tool to expedite your weight loss and fitness goals, and there’s a reason why: when you become aware of what you’re doing/eating/drinking, you can begin to change it—in order to improve your health! The whole premise behind Fitted Lifts is that anyone can get toned, svelte and fit—and their aim is to make it as easy as possible. If you know what your fitness goals are, just type it into the app, and it will create customized workout routines that give you the results to meet those goals! Reply on their database of exercises or add your own, or tap on any exercise to save your stats. Best of all, it’s user-friendly so you never have to waste any time saving or changing your workouts.
Yoga Studio
Have you made 2017 the year you’ll not only get stronger, but happier? The Yoga Studio app is an essential ingredient for your safe-care and self-love routine. It contains so many yoga exercises and positions (as well as how-to content and videos) that it’ll make you feel like you have access to a personal yoga instructor and studio—right there in your phone. You can easily customize and follow over 70 yoga classes (so even if you’re a beginner, there are dozens of classes for you!) and it includes a database with over 290 yoga poses. Stay strong all year long with Yoga Studio.
The JeFit app works with nearly every smartphone device and contains over 1,300 workouts to pick and choose from. If you’re a beginner (but you’re determined to stick it out and finally lose that weight!), the JeFit animations and step-by-step instructions will ensure you succeed. Do you want buff arms, tight and toned legs or abs that don’t quit? Pick and choose your exercises based on their already targeted muscle groups for a customized routine that gives you results.
No matter what your fitness goals may be, the first step is always the hardest. Luckily, these apps make it easy to take that first step and start changing your body. Download the exercises, and upgrade your body, your health and your quality of life as a result.