Embrace these three health tips to start improving your overall health right now. No special equipment required.

Drink more water

While the 8 glass a day mandate has long been debunked, it’s still important to drink water regularly. The human body is comprised of mostly water, and we need adequate amounts to be our best. When we lose more than we take in through respiration, elimination and sweating, the result is dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration include headache, dizziness, brain fog and fatigue. Dehydration also reduces athletic performance. Water needs vary by individual. A good way to tell if you’re getting enough is to monitor the color of your urine – it should be pale yellow. Drinking enough water isn’t just about avoiding dehydration. There are other benefits:
• Water saves calories – reach for water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages.
• Softens your stool – enjoy the go as a national commercial encourages.
• Show your muscles some love – water boosts energy and delays fatigue in muscles.
• Moisturize from the inside – water helps your skin look and feel better.
• Reduce the likelihood of kidney stones – adequate water helps flush toxins from the kidneys.

photodune-6346007-sleep-xsGet enough sleep
According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, sleep plays a vital role in overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, most adults don’t get enough (7 to 8 hours nightly is recommended). This increases the risk of chronic health problems and even impacts our reaction times, mood, memory, learning, effectiveness and relationships with others. To improve your sleep habits:
• Develop a regular bedtime wind-down ritual (e.g. gentle stretches, easy reading).
• Skip the late show – note your wake-up time and get in bed at least 7 hours before.
• Create a comfortable environment (dark and cool, not too hot).
• Remove distractions.

Give in to that occasional craving
Complete deprivation is overrated. In fact, it may even be one of the fastest ways to derail your diet plan. Why? Because eventually you’re going to overdo it. Instead, plan to give in…in moderation. Say the chips are calling you, sometimes it is okay to answer. It is better to mindfully enjoy a handful of chips than to lose control in the craving and devour an entire bag. Worried you won’t be able to enjoy just a few? Try this:
• Slow down and notice the taste and texture of each chip.
• Take out the portion you intend to eat and put the rest of the bag away.
• Pay attention. Studies show that we eat more and faster in front of the television.
• Remind yourself that today is only one day. You will have other opportunities to enjoy chips so you don’t have to eat them all now.

You don’t have to resort to extremes to enjoy health gains. Sometimes small changes add up to big change. If you’re looking for easy ways to boost overall health and wellbeing, these tips are it.