man and woman with elliptical cross trainer at gymYour heart, lungs and cardiac muscles work like clockwork so that you can go about your day—breathing, eating and sleeping as you need to. So, while you’re racing to catch the train, landing your next ‘big deal,’ feeding children, walking on the treadmill, and driving to and from home each day, every muscle, organ, and cell in your body is providing you with the means to do it.  

Without a doubt, your body is the most important thing you have, which is why exercising it a few times a week is mandatory! If it’s been a while since you’ve lifted, lunged or cycled, you may already know it’s a way to de-stress, to boost your confidence and to sleep better at night.

But what’s the best reason of all? Because you’re worth it! Here are several more.

Because There’s Never Enough Hours in the Day

You’re on the go from the moment you wake up in the morning to the time you hit the pillow at night. As much as you do, does it often feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all? Do you ever fall short of ‘me time’ by putting your needs on the back burner? If so, your solution is right here: Exercise your heart out, and have at your disposal a one-stop destination to your ‘happy place!’

Hit the shoulder press, follow it up by some leg extensions and end your 45 minute workout (everyone has 45 minutes to spare!) with a high intensity 15 minute sprint. Make time for yourself at the gym by exercising three times a week and at 45 minute sessions. As a result, you’ll increase your energy throughout the day while will give you more time to do things for those you love!

Because Your Sex Life Depends on It

Are your early evening snoozes interfering with your sex life? When you work out on a consistent basis, you will burn calories, lose weight, gain muscle tone and enhance your libido! On the other hand, when you bypass a regular workout schedule, chances are you are also likely to say “Yes, please!” to decadent desserts which can quickly pack on the pounds. Stay true to what feels good to you—not on your plate, but at the gym! Focus on how elated you feel after your ‘runner’s high’ kicks in, or how powerful you feel after making it through an entire cycling class.

The proof is in the puddin’: when you exercise, your increase your endorphins and increase your metabolism. And, when that happens, your sex appeal and sex drive heightens to a whole new level!

Because Without Exercising, You Work Harder, Not Smarter

If exercise was a type of food, it would be a handful of berries. Say what? In other words, consider exercise to be the ‘super food’ your brains needs to function at its peak. Do what you love: kickboxing, walking at an incline, a TRX class, rock climbing, or being part of a hiking club.

Do you have a goal of running your first marathon this year but don’t know how you’ll ever make it to the finish line?

Post a flyer at your gym for a running buddy who’s aim is to make the world better one mile at a time—just like you! When you commit to and work towards a fitness goal (in any form or capacity) you’ll erase “brain fog.” You’ll stay alert at work—even through a boring, mid-afternoon meeting. You’ll improve your productivity by increasing your problem solving skills and creativity, exponentially! And best of all, you’ll become a leader in the workplace instead of a mere work horse.

Feel sexier, more energetic and alert. Land that promotion you deserve. Or, simply exercise because you need half an hour of precious ‘me time.’ Whatever your motive is, exercise is the perfect payoff for a body and mind that deserves flawless health. Your body is your vehicle—gas it up with a weekly workout that fits your lifestyle the best!