Autumn is a great time to add some new exercises to your workout program. When you’re transitioning from your summer workouts to your fall fitness regimen, the change in weather will play a role. This is a great opportunity to turbocharge your progress and move closer to your goals.


1. Alternating Decline Reverse Lunges


Find a staircase, a bench or a slight incline. Stand with both feet on the higher ground and perform a reverse lunge by placing one foot in the area behind you. Push through your lead leg to bring yourself to your original standing position and repeat with the other leg.


You should keep your back straight throughout the exercise. Also, be sure to start with a warmup to avoid joint injuries. Furthermore, keep the movement controlled and deliberate. This will work wonders on your posterior chain.


2. Glute Bridges


Glute bridges are perfect for women and men alike. Women will appreciate the body-shaping benefits whereas men will love the deadlift gains in the gym.


The glute bridge is an exercise you can perform on a cold autumn evening while indoors. On an exercise mat or on your carpet, lie with your back on the floor. With your feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart and with your calves at a right angle with the floor, squeeze your glutes.


Lift your hips until your back and upper legs form a straight line. Lower your body to within an inch above the floor and repeat. If you don’t often work on your glutes, you may only be able to do a few reps at first. That’s perfectly fine. Take a brief rest and crank out a few more. You’ll love the functional and aesthetic results.


3. Bear Crawls


How to do it: From the top of the standard push-up position, step the right foot forward inside of your right palm. The right foot should not be outside of the right arm.


Next, move the left hand forward in front of you. Now, switch sides by stepping forward with the left leg inside of the left palm and gain ground with your right hand. Keep your hips as low as possible throughout this exercise. Continue this for 50 yards.


The bear crawl is an exercise you can do outdoors on a beautiful day or in a garage or patio. You’ll need a few yards of space in order to perform it comfortably. Start by getting into the standard push-up position. Step your right foot forward inside of your right palm, keeping it inside on your right arm.


Move your left hand forward ahead. Switch sides now by stepping forward with the left leg as you did with the right. With your hips as low as possible, crawl forward for a few yards. Keeping your movement deliberate and not a galloping motion. You’ll find that crawling like a bear is a strenuous workout.


Try These New Exercises Today


Whether you frequent the gym or prefer to work out outdoors, these exercises will provide variety and boost your results. As with any new workout regimen, you should check with your physician before engaging in a workout intensity you aren’t used to.