runnersWhether you’ve worked out for many years or are just starting now, you quickly learn a lot of lessons, from how to stay on track to what’s fun for you and what’s not. Here are three small lessons that you’re sure to learn from a regular workout regimen.

Do Create a Routine

First and foremost, you need to create a routine and then give yourself time to adjust to it—forcing yourself to stick with it even when you don’t want to. There are a two reasons why:

  • At first, you’ll resist. Especially if you’re trying to work out in the morning. Morning person or not, it’s hard to pull yourself out of bed to run outside or go to the gym.
  • Force yourself to stick to a routine and it becomes the norm. We’re creatures of habit; it just takes time to form the habit. Once that happens, the routine becomes your sanity—without that daily workout you’re just not the same.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of New Workout Clothes

When it doubt, go shopping. Not for a new pair of heels or designer jeans but for workout clothes or running shoes. New workout clothes get you excited to stay on track with your routine because the only time you wear them is when you’re being active. If you’re losing motivation, get a new outfit and see how excited you are to jump out of bed and show it off at the gym.

Do Change Things Up

Doing the same workout every single day is not only boring but bad for your body. If you lift the same amount of weight or run the same route consistently, your body will adjust to the routine and stop changing. Beat boredom and keep your body guessing with a variety of workouts. Try:

BUTI—Only offered in select cities across the country, this class is female focused and different than any other workout you’ve done before. If there’s a class near you, don’t miss the chance to try it.

Spin—You’ll crush calories and fry fat in a spin class, where the average calorie burn is well over 1,000.

Paddle boarding—Make the most of the end of summer with a fun water workout. Paddle boarding is great for your core and arms and is an active way to spend time in the sun.

If you love your routine, make small changes weekly. For example, rotate your workouts doing your Monday workout on Tuesday and Tuesday workout on Wednesday. Even this small alteration will keep your body guessing and therefore changing and improving.