Ok men, listen up: isn’t it about time you stopped procrastinating, and started devoting yourself to a chest workout that actually works? While your lower body may look like a titan’s and your biceps have become something to gloat about, its time to get a chest like a brick wall—and when you apply these three exercises to your weekly routine, it’s never been easier to accomplish that goal.

Start With the Classic Chest Exercise

Bodybuilder Exercising Chest With BarbellOne of the best ways (and most effective, we might add) to build muscle is by doing the classic bench press. Just think about it: when you’re lying down on your back on a bench and lifting the barbell up, you’ve got yourself in a power stance. It’s also a much easier position to be in when you want to move and control the weight. A tip that works: by varying the width of your grip, you can strengthen various muscles in your chest, and keep yourself from plateauing.

Chest Press Machine

young man with earphones exercising on gym machineFollowing the chest barbell exercise, head over to the seated chest press. The fact is, it’s a great way to slow down the speed of your repetitions, as well as doing quick drop sets. Since you won’t be utilizing as many muscle groups when you push as when you’re lifting with the barbell chest exercise, what you will be doing is increasing your pecs—thanks to this targeting exercise which will help you land you those pecs you want in a shorter period of time. In addition, if you’re really looking to enhance your muscle mass, include this exercise towards the end of your workout, and adjust the angle of the bench. When you vary the angle in which you’re pushing and lifting, you can become ripped in no time at all and build one of the most important areas of your body you want to show off!

The Ultimate Finisher

If you have a weak chest, you can build up to the chest dip gradually, and if you’re already strong in the chest, it’s the perfect finisher to a hard core workout that promotes immediate results.  No matter what your fitness level is, the key to this exercise is making sure your legs are behind you, let your elbows extend as much as possible when you dip, and that you lunge forward. End it with a couple rounds of push-ups, and while you feel the burn, enjoy feeling like a million bucks, too.