two smiling people working out with dumbbellsIf you’re frustrated that after weeks (or months) of grueling spin classes and weight training, you’ve seen little improvement in your body’s shape or size, the lack of a trainer may be to blame. Sure, trainers aren’t cheap—but their skills and experience make up for every penny. Here are the top 3 advantages of one on one training, and why you need one today.

A Trainer Can Help You Achieve Each and Every Fitness Goal You Have

Be honest, here: how many times have you come close to accomplishing your weight loss goal when you got distracted with work, or lost the ambition to follow through?

We’ve all been there—whether you were ten pounds away, or a mere few. Why you couldn’t reach your goal has everything to do with motivation—and let’s face it—it’s a tough mental and physical road to toll all by yourself. Hire a personal trainer, and you’ve just fast tracked through the agony, the frustration and the self-doubt that comes with training alone.

A trainer is skilled, experienced and educated to keep you on the straight and narrow of fitness, so that you can kill it in the weight room and turn heads on the street. Achieve each fitness goal you have with a true professional who customizes a fitness plan for you, and you’re on your way to a happier, healthier life!

A Trainer Gives You The Skills to Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau

How good do you feel with the body you’ve got? Do you work hard for it, and give it proper nutrition and exercise that it deserves? If you want to lose weight (and you’ve successfully lost some weight already on your own) the ‘plateau’ is inevitable. In fact, it might be right around the corner, and requires commitment and conviction to persevere by working out harder than you ever have before.

A trainer helps you do exactly that.

Think of her/him as your cheerleader, your manager, and a supportive best friend all wrapped up in one. A trainer allows you to get the job done by motivating you to push through another set of push-ups, and hands you the towel when you’re dripping with sweat. Rely on your trainer to act as your ‘team lead’ and you’ll zap those weight loss plateaus to smithereens!

Young woman showing thumbs upA Trainer Gives You Motivation to Push Through the Pain

You already know that a trainer acts as a support team on your behalf, with plenty of “You can do it! One more! Take out your aggression on this shoulder press! C’mon, you’re almost there!” But when it comes to physical pain—aka: injuries while working out incorrectly—there is no one better to have by your side than a trainer.

A trainer is a problem solver, and skilled at observing your stance, posture, and stamina. Your trainer knows when to crank up the weight (because of your increase in strength over the last few weeks) and when to dial it back. And, a trainer knows when your posture is incorrect, thus, saving you a painful injury to your knees, back or legs. Rely on your trainer to keep you safe, act as your partner in crime, and keep you motivated. When you have one on one sessions with your trainer, you’ll achieve your fitness goals by leaps and bounds!