• How often should you exercise?


    How often you exercise will really depend upon your fitness goals. When you are penciling workouts on the calendar, remember to include the also important rest days. Here’s what else to consider. Working out for better health outcomes The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes’ vigorous exercise weekly. This amount […]

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  • How to eat healthy on a budget


    Healthy eating doesn’t have to break the bank. Use these tips and tricks to save money and maybe even slim your waistline. Double your dollars If you receive SNAP support (supplemental nutrition assistance program), you may be able to double your dollars at your local farmer’s market. Participating markets offer SNAP shoppers a dollar for […]

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  • Fresh vs Frozen – which is better?


    There has been a big push recently to eat local, which may discourage some to avoid frozen vegetables. Not so fast, health experts advise. When it comes to fruits and veggies frozen can be just as good as fresh. Here’s what you need to consider. Food waste Eating local does reduce environmental impact, but food […]

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  • Get your snack on with these craveable and guilt free options


    Step away from the chips with these tasty choices. You’ll get great crunch without all the calories and fat. Plus, you’ll get some nutritional value instead of empty calories. Kale chips Kale has fiber, iron and vitamin K along with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. You won’t find that in potato chips! All you need is […]

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  • Why You Should Love Burpees


    Consider burpees the affordable and assessable total body workout. It targets multiple muscle groups, such as the back, quads, hamstrings, biceps, and core. In short, pretty much whatever area of the body you need to work out, it works it! So, whether you simply want to strengthen your body, or lose inches, you need to […]

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  • Protein Powder 101: Find the Perfect Protein For You

    whey protein powder supplement

    If you’ve headed to a vitamin store lately (or even to the health aisle at your local Walmart), then you’ve probably felt overwhelmed by the vast amount of protein powder choices available. There’s plant based, whey protein based, and flavors galore. Which one is the best option for you and your fitness and/or weight-loss goals? […]

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  • 5 ways to fight workout excuses

    Exhausted athlete

    It’s okay to give yourself a break every now and again. But when you’re making excuses more and keeping your exercise commitment less, it’s time for an intervention. Here are some common excuses – and ways to fight them. It’s time to get yourself in gear. Time This is probably the most common excuse of […]

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  • Health benefits of seafood


    Seafood is a tasty and versatile way to get beneficial protein in your diet. In fact, adding it to your diet just twice each week yields several nutritional benefits your body will love. Read on to learn about the health benefits of seafood. Get muscle building protein Protein is important for muscle growth and repair. […]

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