• Healthy Cooking 101


    To lower your risk of heart disease, maintain (or lose) weight, and feel energized throughout your day, being health-minded when you cook is essential. These tips will lay out how cooking healthy can be flavorful and delicious—just the way you want it to be. Flavor Rich Cooking Methods If you think that cooking healthy means […]

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  • 5 tips for working out in the morning


    Work out in the morning and feel better all day. It’s true. Morning workouts give you a boost by stoking feelings of accomplishment and confidence. You’ll also ramp up clarity, improve your mood and rev up your metabolism. Does morning exercise feel impossible? No sweat! These five tips will get even the most dedicated late […]

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  • 3 Treadmill Workouts That Don’t Involve Running

    cardio-fitness jogging at treadmill

    If you associate the treadmill with a boring, monotonous workout—and on top of that, you’re just not a natural runner—that’s great, because we’ve got three resistant training workouts that pack a serious punch (no running involved)! The Side Shuffle Workout The side shuffle workout is a fantastic calorie booster, because it incorporates a workout for […]

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  • Not Losing Weight? Not Getting Enough Sleep Could Be Why


    If you’re not losing weight (despite a consistent workout routine), poor quality sleep could be the culprit. This article will address the weight gain/insufficient sleep connection, and some steps you can take today to reverse it. The Sleep Deprivation Cycle If you feel wiped out on a regular basis, your body’s ability to lose weight […]

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  • How to Make Your Own Energy and Protein Bars at Home


    If you have weight loss goals—or simply like to live a healthy, balanced life, protein bars are a simple way to fuel your body with the energy you need to live a life you love. No matter how busy you may be, our recipes are simple enough to execute and easy enough for even the […]

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  • How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor to Improve Your Training

    heart rate monitor

    Are you engaging in high-intensity workouts to burn fat, lose that mid-section jiggle, or perhaps boost your metabolism? If so, that’s great—but how do you know you’re raising your heart rate to where it should be for an effective workout? This article will cover the importance of a heart rate monitor during your workout, and […]

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  • HIIT vs LISS

    Fit brunette using bosu ball for squats at the gym

    Enough with the acronyms. Let’s just start with what it all means. HIIT is short for the latest fitness trend, high intensity interval training. LISS has fallen out of favor in recent years but can still be beneficial. It stands for low intensity steady state exercise. Wondering which one is right for you? Here we’ll […]

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  • Road map to the gym


    New to the gym? You may be surprised by all the things available in today’s health club. Know to expect. Here is a sneak peek. Expertise Sure, the gym has fancy equipment but most importantly, there are trained staff that can help you use it safely. Take advantage of gym staff and trainers to: • […]

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  • Why Strength Training is Great For Women

    Personal trainer assisting young woman

    Who doesn’t want to feel amazing in her skin? Who doesn’t want to have a flat tummy, great butt, and sculpted, shapely legs? Who doesn’t want to have high energy and brain power all day long? These are just some of the many benefits strength training can offer—and why, as a woman, it’s more important […]

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  • Why You Should Give Up Soda Today


    For some, soda is an enjoyment part of their meal. For others, it’s something they can’t live without. If soda has become an addiction for you—or even if you just enjoy the occasional one here and there, science shows us that it pays to curb your habit altogether. Here are the top reasons why. You […]

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