• Benefits of Cutting Back on Sugar


    There’s two problems with the amount of sugar the average American is consuming: it’s way more than recommended (which turns to fat and causes everything from weight gain to obesity), and it’s sneaking into healthy branded foods, just as much as cake and candy. In fact, 20 percent of today’s American’s are consuming up to […]

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  • How to Overcome Gymtimidation


    Intimidation of the gym, otherwise known as gymtimidation, is a real problem for many people who want to lose weight, get fit or simply make their daily routine a healthier one. The weight room can be scary at first glance, between burly guys lifting like it’s no one’s business and cardio machines that you couldn’t […]

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  • Indoor training for outdoor events


    Signing up for a spring event means you will have to do some winter training. But what if temperatures are below freezing or a blizzard blocks the trail? Train indoors, of course! Train indoors for a marathon Hop on the treadmill. Although running outside is best because it most closely simulates race day conditions (think […]

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  • How to handle hunger when trying to lose weight.

    Craving sweet food

    Losing weight often means taking in fewer calories than has been your habit. You want to stick to the plan, but there is one problem. You’re just plain hungry. How should you handle hunger when trying to lose weight? Try these tips. Be sure it’s hunger According to a Today.com article “Can you tell the […]

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  • HIIT For Beginners

    woman fitness jumping  exercises silhouette

    HIIT, otherwise known as high-intensity interval training is a fantastic way to tone up, lose weight and reach massive milestones in your health and overall fitness. High-intensity interval training sessions aren’t for the faint at heart, though: they are fast paced and results driven—so if you’re ready for a great workout, you’ll achieve a great […]

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  • The Simplest Ways to Cope With a Slowing Metabolism

    Boost Your Metabolism

    Are you gaining weight, while your lifestyle habits haven’t changed? It could be that your metabolism has slowed down. Instead of just sitting on the reality, here are ridiculously easy ways you can take control and do something about it! Your Secret Weapon: Delicious Food! Did you know that certain types of foods actually have […]

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  • The perfect warm up

    Fitness woman doing stretching exercise at gym

    The warm-up is an important part of your regular fitness routine. Taking the time to warm-up prepares your body for exercise and reduces the likelihood of injury. Begin your workout with five to 30 minutes (depending on your fitness level and how intensely you plan to exercise) of light cardiovascular activity and stretching to enjoy […]

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  • Big Fitness Trends for 2017

    group of smiling people dancing in gym or studio

    If your New Year’s resolution was to eat better, move more, and lose that weight for good, then consider this year your year—because based on the predicted fitness trends for 2017—there’s never been a more accessible time than right now to reach your goals. Read on to learn what the biggest fitness trends are so […]

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  • Before and after workout must do’s to get better results

    Young woman at spinning class enjoy workout

    If your goal is improved overall health and body weight, exercise will certainly help you along the way. Wondering how to get the most out of your workout? Here are a few ways to get better results from your fitness routine. Before your workout •    Grab some grub: protein shakes and energy bars are good […]

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  • Three Substitutes for French Fries


    Is there anything better than French fries? We think so! In fact, we have three healthy alternatives to your favorite greasy snack: sweet potato fries, a healthier ‘French fry’ and zucchini fries. From your first bite, it will become your new addiction. Sweet Potato Fries A popular alternative to French fries are sweet potato fries. […]

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