• Three ways to make exercise more fun


    Discipline aside, the best way to keep your fitness commitment is to make fitness more fun. After all, if exercise too often feels like a bore or a chore you’re probably going to have a harder time sticking with it. The bottom line – when exercise is more fun you’re more likely to want to […]

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  • Want to lose weight? Don’t undereat!


    We’re all familiar with the weight loss mantra – eat fewer calories and burn more calories through exercise. Does that mean undereating will yield even greater weight loss success. Actually, no; here’s why. Bodies need fuel We don’t eat simply because food tastes good. We also eat because our bodies need the nutrients food provides […]

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  • 4 Essential Nutrients Anyone Exercising Regularly Needs

    carrot-1085063_640 (1)

    So, you’ve committed to an exercise routine, as part of your resolution for an overall healthier life? Congratulations! As you lunge, sweat, and squat your way to a healthier mind and body, you’ll need to take with you a healthier approach to eating. Here are the four essential nutrients anyone exercising needs daily. Vitamin C […]

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  • How to stay healthy when everyone is getting sick


    Most of us spend more hours indoors during the winter months. Close quarters mean more exposure to germs that cause cold and flu. How can you reduce your chances of picking up bugs that lead to the sniffles, or worse? Nicole Pajer offers these ideas Soothe yourself with music In her Parade magazine article titled, […]

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  • The Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss


    The Best Strength Moves for Weight Loss Have you lost weight in the past, but don’t have as much to show for it as you should (because you don’t look lean, and thin like you should?) Many people lose weight but no one notices, and that’s because of one thing: if you are losing muscle […]

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  • The importance of bundling up the right places when working out in the cold


    Cold weather workouts can be comfortable and fun when you’ve got the right gear. Don’t let winter derail your fitness routine. Keep it moving. Bundle up before you go and get out there! Sensitive areas need extra care It is just a fact that some body parts are more vulnerable to frigid temperatures than others. […]

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  • 15 ways to lose one pound


    One pound of fat is equal to about 3,500 calories. Conventional wisdom states that to lose one pound we must reduce calories in and boost calories burned to create a deficit. Experience has shown most of us that this is easier said than done. One reason is most of us don’t have a good grasp […]

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  • Healthy Sources of Fat


    The thinking has changed on fat. It is no longer the enemy of good health or healthy weight. In fact, some fats are actually good for you and not the enemy of lean waistlines we have been led to believe. Research bears this out. In the years since we began to shun fat in favor […]

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  • You Blew Your Calorie Budget…Now What?


    So, you blew your calories. So what? Quickly move on with smarter habits for a new day. In this article, we’ll show you four simple calorie budget principles that will guarantee you a well-balanced meal, steady weight loss, and the energy to stay on track all week long. The Mental Method To stay on track […]

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  • 5 Ways to Sneak Vegetables into Your Diet


    Are you getting your vegetables in? Vegetables are essential for a body that doesn’t just survive through the years—but thrives day after day. But if the sight of steamed broccoli, kale salad or collard greens make you wince with pain, we’ve got another way to get your veggies in, without the struggle! Learn to master the […]

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