• Are meal replacements good for weight loss?

    Scope of chocolate whey isolate protein next to the translucent protein shaker, with focus on the protein inside the scoop

    Many “successful” dieters have independently, or as part of a formal program, used meal replacements. That isn’t to say you cannot be successful without this strategy, there are benefits as well as drawbacks. Here are some things to think about. Why consider meal replacements? Convenience The biggest advantage of meal replacements is convenience. Poor planning […]

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  • How Meal Planning Drops the Pounds (We’ve Got Four Amazingly Simply Ways to Do It)


    No matter how much you want to lose weight, it’s not always easy to keep the momentum up, day after day and week after week. Unless, of course, you become a pro at planning your meals ahead of time. Here are four ways to chop, dice and simmer your meals to perfection, so when it’s […]

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  • Portion sizes: How much is right?

    plate with healthy meal and recommended portion percentage for each ingredient category (egg version, vegetarian)

    Along with our waistlines, portion sizes have grown larger in the last few decades. Avoid portion distortion by reading labels, downsizing your dinner plate and making comparisons. Try the following tips to right size your portions. Start with your dinner plate In a New York Times article, Your Dinner Plate is Bigger that your stomach, […]

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  • The truth about carb loading


    If you are training for a full or half marathon, or another endurance event, you have probably heard the expression “hit the wall,” bandied about. Hitting the wall or bonking describes the extreme fatigue experienced when glycogen stores in the muscles and liver are depleted. Glycogen equals energy. If this has happened to you chances […]

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  • No time for exercise? No sweat? Get it done in just 15 minutes with HIIT

    Vector illustration of fifteen minutes stopwatch on white background

    When you’re short on time high intensity interval training (HIIT) is your ticket to fitness that fits your schedule. HIIT describes any exercise that alternates short bursts of high-intensity exercise with periods or slower exercise (think run for 30 seconds and walk for one minute). The beauty of this workout is that it can be […]

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  • Benefits of Working Out (That Don’t Have a Thing To Do With Weight Loss!)

    Woman working out with dumbbells at a gym

    What’s your motivation behind working out, if it isn’t weight loss? As it turns out (and according to thousands of studies done on the subject), there’s a high number of powerful, motivation-inducing reasons to feel the burn, and sweat out those calories. Read on to learn all about them! It Can Actually Reverse Your Stress […]

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  • Lifting Weights vs Cardio – Which One is a Better Form of Exercise?

    Strong man at the gym lifting weights

    Sometimes it may feel like the gym is divided up by two teams- those who grunt, lift and bench press their way to a tight and toned body; and those who run, bike, dance, swim and stair climb their heart out— in order to improve their heart health and get a lean body from head […]

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  • Why Am I So Sore After Working Out?

    Woman holding hand to stiff neck with eyes closed in sportswear

    You hit your workout hard, and now it’s time to rest. Or is it? Depending on the type of soreness you have, and what type of workout you just endured, it may be. Keep reading to learn out how, why and when it’s important to take an extra day or rest—and when you can hit […]

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  • Workout tips for new moms

    New Mom playing with her little baby girl

    If you’re a new mom, chances are you have less time and energy than you’d like to exercise. Still, you’d like to get your pre-baby body back. As the saying goes, where there’s a will, there’s a way… even when it seems you have less time and more to do. These tips will help you […]

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  • Foods to Avoid Before a Workout

    blueberry and chocolate muffins in paper cupcake holder

    Sneaking in a “healthy” breakfast cookie or muffin, and think it’s ok because you’re about to work it off at the gym? You may want to think again. Low fat and low sugar cookies should be on your naughty food list, because they’re simply not as innocent as they seem. Here’s a list of foods […]

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