• Five steps to a better stretching routine


    To stretch or not to stretch? That used to be the question. Now we know the answer is definitely to stretch Are there things you can do to get the most of your stretch routine? You bet! Here are five must do steps for best results. Think warm and slow as you go Stretching cold […]

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  • Fit Date Night Ideas (For Any Couple, At Any Age!)

    Portrait of happy girl and guy cycling in park at leisure

    Has ‘date night’ started to feel a bit…predictable lately?  If so, we’ve got five really fun, totally unpredictable, and health focused date ideas that won’t just bring the fun back into dating again…but that will keep your metabolism revving! Pick one, any one and recreate date night! Take a Dance Lesson You may have told […]

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  • How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau


    You’ve been going strong at the gym, just like you set out to do. Just two weeks ago, you weighed yourself and you had lost another five pounds—yah!—but since then, the pounds aren’t budging. If you’re doing everything right (eating clean, watching your portions and getting your cardio in) but you’re not losing any more […]

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  • How to Work Out and Still Have a Social Life

    Two young friends resting after long workout at gym

    Do you ever think, “How am I ever going to accomplish everything I need to, today?” We hear you, and you’re not alone. Because, it between the work commitment and your social life, how do you make time for exercise? Here are some easy, simple and accessible ways for even the biggest social bee to […]

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  • What Exactly is “Starvation Mode” (and How Do You Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Plan)?

    Girl on a starvation diet

    You’ve probably already heard the term, starvation mode, a time or two. After skipping breakfast growing up, you may have listened to your mom preach, “Eat your eggs, you’re going to starve!” The truth is, your mom had it right—starvation mode is a real thing—and it can cause real and serious damage to your body […]

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  • Your 10 Minute Ab Workout That Will Rock Your Core (and Your Fitness Plan!)

    close up of sweaty female abdominal muscles

    Your sense of urgency to get rid of your gut and rock a hardcore…well, core…grows by the day. It’s time to rock it with an ab workout that actually boosts your body strength, enhances your posture, and improves your confidence. For anyone who is tired of feeling bad about his/her mid-section, this workout is for […]

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  • How to Improve Your Running

    young woman running on the beach at sunrise, asian

    Running is an excellent way to build stamina, lose weight and have fun. Best of all you don’t have to spend a lot of money or time to enjoy the benefits. Start with a good pair of supportive shoes and 30 minutes a few times each week. You’ll be racking up tons of feel good […]

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  • 3 Portable Snacks For Healthier Midday Munching

    Raw vegan peanut butter oat coconut cacao balls. the toning. selective focus

    When it comes to staying on track with your fitness, health and weight loss goals, there is nothing more important than the food you eat, when you eat it and how much you eat of it during the day. Some of the top fitness trainers go by the 80/20 rule: what you eat is 80 […]

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  • Free Weights vs. Machines – Which are a Better Choice For You?

    Closeup of a muscular young man lifting weights on dark background

    Free weights and weight lifting machines both offer unique benefits, but their often is a debate between those who work out, and are just starting to work out. What should you focus on, and is one really better than the other? As it turns out, yes—one is better for you than the other, but when […]

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  • 4 Simple tricks to improve your lunges

    Photo of a muscular man doing lunges with a sand bag.

    We’ve all heard about, and maybe even included the lunge in our workout routine. When it comes to exercise, form is important for avoiding injury and targeting intended muscles. Before you do another lunge, be sure you’ve got the right moves. Here’s what you need to know. What is a lunge? The lunge is a […]

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