• Functional fitness programs

    Athletic trainer on functional loops for training isolated on white background.

    Functional fitness programs help you strengthen the muscles you typically use in daily activities of living. Functional fitness is especially important as you age. You may take things like stair-climbing, standing, reaching and bending for granted now. You won’t when your ability to undertake these tasks is diminished. Maintaining a level of functional fitness contributes […]

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  • How to burn more calories on the Elliptical

    Portrait of young people with elliptic machine in the gym.

    Let’s face it, when you work out it isn’t always just for your health. Sure, feeling great and improving quality of life are important benefits of exercise, but body confidence ranks right up there, too! You want to burn enough calories to get in or stay in that swim suit or your favorite jeans. Here […]

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  • Should You Work Out When You Are Sore or Skip a Day?

    Back view of young man touching aching back

    When you’re sore, your body is trying to send you a clear message: you need time to heal. So, whether you just pushed yourself through an extra-intense spin class, or you had a 90 minute weight lifting session with your trainer (causing you to seriously ‘feel the burn’ in those calves and biceps), soreness is […]

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  • Keep Your Kids Active for Back to School Sports

    Soccer football kid girls playing on sports outdoor field

    Your children have spent most of the summer running around with their friends, from sunup until sundown. As the final stretch before school comes along, it’s important that you keep them as active as possible. Find as much time as you can fun activities that will keep them moving until fall sports start again. Here […]

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  • Simple Things You Can Do Throughout the Day to Burn Extra Calories

    Portrait of beautiful young business woman sitting at desk at office

    Most of us sit for the majority of the day. It’s not an ideal situation, but our busy lives or spreadsheet creating, email sending and hopping from one meeting to another forces us to live a sedentary life—unless we take back the control. It’s time to burn extra calories whether you’re at the office, or […]

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  • Best Ballet Workout Moves for Abs

    Black silhouette of a ballet dancer in position at the barre near the window

    Abs rank among the top places most people would like to tone. Chances are you are among that number. Whether you need to shave a little or a lot off your muffin top we’ve got you covered so you can uncover with confidence. Bye-bye baggy t-shirts. These exercises let you sport your best body. Extended […]

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  • Metabolism boosting ideas


    Looking for easy and painless ways to boost your metabolism? Here are a few ideas you can add to your daily routine to crank up the burn. Eat breakfast It is a myth that skipping meals is the way to slimmer waistline. The body needs energy to carry out basic functions. When you don’t provide […]

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  • 3 Most Effective Drinks for Burning Fat and Losing Weight

    Pretty smiling young woman in knitted jacket drinking tea from big white mug over white background

    If you want to burn fat and lose weight—once and for all!—then it may be time to kick start your metabolism, flush out your system and clean out those toxins that are causing you to put on the pounds. A cleansing drink can do just that, and more. Read on to find out three of […]

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  • How Drinking More Water Positively Affects Your Body


    Your body is 60 percent water—which means if you’re not staying properly hydrated, you’re not allowing your body to thrive. Here, you’ll finally know how much water you should be drinking, and the many positive effects hydration has on your body, mind and soul. How Much Should I Be Drinking? There used to be a […]

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  • Working Out With Your Dog

    dog with colorful baseball hat holding a skipping rope in mouth on white background

    Do you love to exercise just as much as you love to hang out with your dog? If so—or even if you don’t like to exercise but you know you’ve got to in order to keep up with your dog’s energy level—this article is paw-fect. Learn why working out with your dog is the best […]

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