• Why Couples Should Work Out Together

    Couple working out together

    Is it true the couple that plays together, stays together? Maybe. While working out together isn’t a guarantee of forever bliss, it certainly doesn’t hurt. In fact, working out together helps in a lot of ways – here are just a few.   Back away from the couch Let’s face it, commitment to fitness is […]

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  • How to Avoid Cheating During Your Workout

    On a treadmill

    When it comes to exercising, if you’re not all in, you’re out. So, if you’re running at a slow pace (when you should be sprinting to challenge your body) or you’re lunging (without lunging as far as you should), then you’re really just cheating on yourself. Here’s some ways to avoid cheating during your workout—and […]

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  • How to Do the Perfect Plank

    portrait fitness training athletic sporty woman doing plank exercise in gym or yoga class concept exercising workout aerobic

    Like any other powerful exercise that has the power to strengthen your core, tighten your thigh jiggle and improve your overall health, there’s an art to it. When it comes to perfecting the plank, focus and form is everything. Keep reading, because you’ll find this to be the blueprint one of the most life changing […]

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  • Sitting is the New Smoking

    portrait of attractive woman sitting on green sofa

    Healthcare professionals are sounding the alarm. All that sitting is killing us. In fact, prolonged sitting is as harmful to our health as smoking. Before you dismiss these warnings as alarmist, consider these facts.   Extreme sitting increases the risk of cancer People who sit most of the time are more likely to be diagnosed […]

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  • Ab Exercises to Shrink a Baby Belly

    Mom and baby doing exercise, gymnastics, yoga, fitness and health - concept

    You love that little bundle of joy, but the little extra something your munchkin left on your belly – not so much. Shrink that baby belly with these moves. Of course, be sure to get the ok from your doctor, especially if your baby was delivered by C-section.   The Bridge – Lie on your […]

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  • Why At-Home Workouts Aren’t as Good as Going to the Gym

    Personal fitness trainer giving instructions to a man, working out in a gym, focus on the hands

    During this time of year, it’s tempting to skip the gym for a workout (or forgo your membership altogether) in order to exercise in the privacy of home—especially when it’s so cold outside! However, working out from home doesn’t give you the same head-to-toe fitness opportunity that your local Fitness 19 gym, can. Here’s some […]

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  • How to Get That Spring Break Bikini Body Fast

    Rear view of fit woman in bikini on beach holding sunhat on a sunny day

    While you’re bundling up in coats, and layering like nobody’s business—just to stay comfortable when you hit the windy, rainy weather outside—remember: it won’t be long before the birds will be chirping and the sun will be shining again. You know what that means…spring break will be here, and your body better be ready! Here’s […]

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  • Good After Workout Smoothies and Drinks


     Post workout drinks can turbo charge the benefits of your workout. Ideally, you want to eat at least 30 minutes after you throw in the towel and definitely within two hours so your body is still primed to make the most of incoming nutrients.   The best post workout smoothies should help you restore energy, […]

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  • Standing desks – good or bad for you?

    Portrait of beautiful young business woman sitting at desk at office

     The idea of standing desks is, in theory, a good one. Americans clock a whopping 13 hours a day sitting, so anything that gets us on our feet can’t really be bad. Or can it? Turns out swapping one extreme for another isn’t all that helpful. If you’re wondering whether you should take a stand, […]

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  • Top Workout Songs For Your Playlist


    Are you meeting your New Year’s resolutions? Whether your home away from home is the gym, or you’re trading in your weekly spin class for a reality TV marathon on your couch (yikes!), it’s time to upgrade your workout routine. What better way to do that than an upgraded playlist? Below you’ll find songs for […]

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