• New Year, New Workout: Fitness Trends for 2016


    It’s January, which means you’ve made it—you’ve met challenge after challenge in 2015 personally, professionally and athletically. Whether you’ve gone on board the Zumba train, or become the world’s most devoted CrossFit fan, you’ve successfully committed to, and transformed your body. But with a new year, comes the opportunity for a whole new workout! Embrace […]

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  • Interval Training: The how to and benefits of this growing trend

    Woman running up the stairs, interval training

    Interval training is an easy way for everyone from the novice to the advanced athlete to get more benefits from exercise. Just as the name implies you add intervals or periods of high intensity exertion to your regular workout. Here is what you need to know to start revving up your fitness plan today. How […]

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  • To Drop the Fat, Drop the Fad

    Background concept wordcloud illustration of fad diet glowing light

    Why a Traditional Workout Regimen is Best For Your Long Term Health Over the years, there have been endless get-thin-quick workout plans and products (remember the shake weight or vibrating platforms)? But, when it comes down to it, no exercise plan is more effective than a traditional one. That’s because getting fit is about strengthening, […]

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  • Squats vs Leg Press: Do I Need To Do Both?

    Rear view of male weightlifter doing leg presses in gym

    Because squats and leg presses work similar muscles it can be tempting to choose one (usually the one you hate least) and skip the other. That might be a bad move. Though they target the same areas, the exercises work together for optimal muscle building and toning. Squats The squat is the workhorse of exercise […]

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  • 3 Tips to Help Prevent Calf Cramps

    Running physical injury, leg calf pain. Runner sore body after exercising.

    Whatever you like to call it – a charley horse, a muscle spasm or an all-encompassing, painful-like-no-other kind of cramp—calf cramps hurt, and it’s no laughing matter. Whether you’re dealt with them for years (you’re a marathon runner and that just comes with the territory) or you’re pregnant, and getting them for the first time […]

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  • Bodyweight Exercises For When You Can’t Make It To The Gym

    Fitness woman exercising on the floor at home and looking to the camera

    Even the most regimented fitness fanatics have days where they just can’t get to the gym. Whether you’re travelling, have scheduling conflicts or sick kids at home, sometimes life just happens. Here are some tried-and-true bodyweight exercises you can do outside the gym that will still get your heart pumping and help ensure that your “best […]

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  • Big, fat Fat Myths to Avoid

    Diet restriction and stress concept. Portrait of young frustrated woman with a green measuring tape around her mouth isolated on gray wall background. Face expression emotion

    Fear of fat is driving the obesity epidemic. Encouraged by recommendations of the American Heart Association we have lowered our fat intake to about one-third of our calories. That’s down  from about 43%  since the 1970’s. Ironically, the push to reduce fat intake has not had an impact on the obesity epidemic. In fact, as […]

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  • Beginner’s Guide: What To Do on Your First Day of Working Out

    Icon 1 April in the calendar as a vector illustration

    If you’ve never stepped foot inside a gym before (or even if you have, but it’s been years), your first day of working out can be intense, and intimidating. But, when you follow the advice our pros have laid out for you (keep reading to get all the details!), you can easily bypass insecurity or […]

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  • 5 ways to get your full workout in a packed gym

    Elevated View Of Busy Gym With People Exercising On Machines

    Kudos to the countless who crowd the gyms each new year with fresh hopes of getting fit. The good news is January is a great time to reboot fitness goals. The bad news is with so many of us heading to the gym, it can get pretty packed. Don’t let the extra bodies and the […]

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  • TV Gyms Are No Substitute for the Real Thing

    Young woman in sports clothes, photographed from behind, exercise in the room, watching the exercises on TV.

    Yes, something is better than nothing but, in the quest to get and stay fit the truth is not all exercise is equal. A study published by the Sociology of Sport Journal found that when you are ready to get moving it may be best to skip the DVD’s and head for the gym. Here’s […]

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