• Feel the Burn, Not the Burnout: How to Avoid Plateaus and Pitfalls at the Gym

    Portrait of tired beautiful woman with towel resting sitting on the floor of fitness center after hard training day

    Everyone wants to feel the burn, because let’s face it: that’s the true mark of progress in the workout world. It’s what lets you know you’re actually doing something, whether it’s tearing down muscles to make them stronger, or increasing your speed time on the treadmill. No, it’s not always fun, but it’s a milestone […]

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  • Wall Ball technique and a killer 10 minute workout

    Back view of a muscular woman throwing ball in the air

    Many of you have probably suffered through your fair share of wall balls. Here’s a secret – with proper technique you don’t really have to suffer, at least as much. Try these wall ball techniques to get more of the gain with a little less of the pain. Wall ball basics for the uninitiated Wall ball […]

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  • I’ve Met My Fitness Goal. So, What’s Next?

    Check Mark

    When it comes to losing weight, getting trim, eliminating those ‘trouble areas’ and altogether getting a flat, washboard stomach, ‘feeling the burn’ is a prerequisite for achieving your ideal bod. In fact, if you’ve just met your fitness goal(s), then you know it was no easy feat, but instead the culmination of many different lifestyle […]

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  • The importance of ankle mobility for your squats

    Girl with ankle injury preparing to workout

    According to Eric Cressey, ankle mobility is so important that folks without sufficient range of motion should skip squats altogether. That’s in part because of the risk of injury to the lumbar spine. Like the knee the ankle is a hinge joint. It has two movements, plantarflexion (where the toes point down) and dorsiflexion (where […]

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  • Shoulder Mobility Stretches and Methods to Increase Mobility

    Fitness woman doing stretching exercise at gym

    You may wonder why you should improve your shoulder mobility, or if it really matters in the grand scope of things. The fact is, as you age your flexibility will decrease and your risk of injury will increase. Your body will change, so why not help make it the healthiest and most flexible it can […]

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  • Isotonic vs. Isometric exercises

    Biceps using resistance band

    It seems there are always exercise terms that pop up and have many of us wondering…am I missing something. Am I doing my fitness routine right? The short answer is you aren’t missing anything and, yes, you are probably doing it right. There is no one right way to exercise. The primary goal is to […]

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  • 3 Exercises to Give You a Chest Like a Brick Wall

    Mexican Bodybuilder Working Out Chest With Barbell

    Ok men, listen up: isn’t it about time you stopped procrastinating, and started devoting yourself to a chest workout that actually works? While your lower body may look like a titan’s and your biceps have become something to gloat about, its time to get a chest like a brick wall—and when you apply these three […]

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  • How to “detox” safely and healthfully

    Detox handwritten on a chalkboard surrounded by fresh vegetables

    The human body is designed to detox naturally. Sometimes, though, the process can become hampered when the body is overwhelmed by environmental toxins and poor diet. Symptoms of toxic overload may include constipation, headaches, lethargy and even difficulty losing weight. In these cases, a little extra help is needed to bring all systems of the […]

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  • Frightful Fall Calorie Counts

    Dark rich chocolate Halloween cupcakes with sprinkles, shallow depth of field. Vintage wooden background.

    The High Calorie Count in Pumpkin Drinks, Scones and Pies are Scary and Spooky! Here’s How to Fight It Off and Stick to Your Weight Loss Goals This time of year can be one of the best times of year—there’s the fall festivals, the family gatherings, and oh yeah, the constant test of will power […]

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  • Sign up for a fall 5k


    Fall is the perfect time to lace up for a 5k. The weather is crisp and cool and most neighborhoods have at least one, so you don’t have to drive far to get in on the fun. If you are thinking about heading to the start line, here are some tips to get you comfortably […]

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