• Don’t have weights? Six easy exercises you can do anywhere


    Spring is in the air and that means summer vacation season will soon be upon us. Don’t let travel keep you away from your exercise routine. Use body weight exercises to help you stay in shape without any special equipment. Try these six easy exercises you can do anywhere. Lunges This type of exercise is […]

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  • Workout Supplements for the Female Body

    strong woman is drinking sports nutrition

    Workout supplements are not a ‘one size fits all’. If you’re a woman, you’ve got curves, a unique metabolism and nutritional needs that a man simply does not have. Whether you need to boost your energy to get through your workout, or you seem to fluctuate in weight, the following workout supplements will give your […]

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  • Not Just Child’s Play: Incorporating Jump Rope Into Your Cardio Routine

    Handsome muscular man posing with jumping rope on black background. African fitness model with skipping rope.

    Rope skipping is an easy, fun and affordable way to boost stamina and get in a great cardio workout. This childhood staple isn’t just for kids. Fitness enthusiasts from boxers to runners and even golfers are getting in the game to build agility and flexibility. Borrow one from your kid or buy one for about […]

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  • Tips on 5K Prep For Non-Runners

    Male marathon runner ready to run race.

    Have you ever wanted to run in a 5K—the first step to eventually running in a 10K—but you don’t quite know how to begin? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you exercise regularly (but don’t run) or you’ve made this year the year you’ll stop the sedentary lifestyle, prepping for your first 5K […]

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  • Free Reign with Free Weights Pt. 3: Basic Movements for Kettlebells

    Black and whit image of a rough and tough heavy 30 kg 66 lbs cast iron kettlebell.

    Add kettlebell training to your fitness regimen for an extra calorie burning boost. You can also expect to build muscle and muscle power while getting a cardio workout. Try these basic kettlebell moves to get started. If you are a beginner avoid injury by opting for a lighter weight until you build strength and develop […]

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  • Free Reign with Free Weights Pt. 2: Basic Movements for Barbells


    Summer is upon us so in honor of the upcoming swimsuit season here are four barbell exercises to tame some of our most troubling spots. Barbell side bends – This is a great exercise for your obliques, which will give you a slimmer waist. To do it stand with feet hip-width apart. When your feet […]

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  • Free Reign with Free Weights Pt. 1: Basic Movements for Dumbbells


    A great upper body workout should be part of every fitness routine. Upper body strength is important for everyday tasks and toned arms are great for showing off your best summer style. Do these exercises at least three days a week and start to notice a difference in about a month. Biceps workout Seated dumbbell […]

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  • Do You Know How Well Your Feet Balance You?

    Close up of feet in step equipment at gym

    Everyone deals with an imbalance from time to time—they overdraft their checking account, or they focus on work without making time to play. Balance is key to a happy and healthy life. But, what about the often ignored imbalance issue of your body? Do you occasionally stumble, misstep or lose your balance when standing or […]

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  • Gym Excuses to Give Up


    Most of us would never say we don’t have enough time to brush our teeth, shower or watch our favorite programs. We make time for the things we consider to be priorities. So why don’t we make time for exercise? Countless studies point to the gains in quality and length of life as well as […]

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  • Why Sleep is Important to Your Workout


    Most adults don’t get enough sleep, about 7 to 8 hours, each evening. Not getting enough sleep can impact everything from your mood, ability to focus, memory and even your fat cells, weight and athletic performance. In an article for WebMD titled Can Sleep Improve Athletic Performance? David Geier, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon and sports […]

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