• 5 Essential workout gear items everyone needs

    When it comes to working out there are a few must have items that make every sweaty minute just a little bit better. These top five are so common no matter who you are or how you work out you probably can’t do without at least one or two. Ready for the list? Here goes: […]

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  • Spring Forward Into Setting New Fitness Goals

    Ah, Spring. It’s the time for blooming flowers, blue skies and spring cleaning. But, with the onset of warmer temperatures and happier looking skies, comes a renewed mind and a perkier outlook on the days ahead! If there’s a better time to set and plunge forward into new fitness goals than right now, we don’t […]

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  • Body Image Blues? Why You Should Love the One You’ve Got!

    Society puts a tremendous amount of pressure and expectation on you—and in particular if you’re a woman—to look perfect. Do you feel the need to have the perfect body—and feeling like you’re not quite hitting the mark? It’s not your body that needs a make-over, but your mindset. Here’s some ways to achieve just that. […]

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  • It’s National Nutrition Month—Is Your Lifestyle Healthy?

    Let’s get real: staying healthy is hard to do. Between the office goodies that the secretary always brings in every Friday to the fast paced world you live in (which makes it so difficult to make time to head to the gym), your life is filled with activity. But how much of it is healthy? […]

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  • Caffeine and Exercise: Friend or Foe?

    Does caffeine boost your workout performance? There have been a number of studies, and results are mixed. Researchers do agree that there does not seem to be a significant impact on short term activities, like sprinting. The good news is caffeine does seem to provide some benefit for endurance exercise. Read on to learn more. […]

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  • It’s March Madness! Are You Geared Up To Be The Winner Of Your Workout?

    Sure, you may be going to the gym these days, but how excited are you to be there? Are you going through the motions with those bicep curls, leg presses and shoulder extensions, or being the champion of each and every one? It’s March Madness, and whether you’re dreaming of being an all-star or just […]

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  • Your Lower Body Workout Plan: How to Tone Thighs, Glutes and Calves

    Your Lower Body Workout Plan: How to Tone Thighs, Glutes and Calves

    Are you dying for toned, svelte thighs, calves, quads, hamstring or backside? Say no more. We get it, and we know how to help you achieve it! Lean down your legs while giving them just the right amount of muscle that gets you noticed. Here’s how. For Beginners—The Chair Squat If exercise hasn’t been your […]

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  • Post-Workout Fuel: What to Eat, What to Avoid After Exercise

    Post-Workout Fuel: What to Eat, What to Avoid After Exercise

    You just sweated it out like a mad man. You just crunched, jumped, rowed and pushed your body harder and more intense than you have in weeks. Red as a tomato and sweating like it’s nobody’s business, it’s time to leave your ‘home away from home’ (aka: your neighborhood Fitness 19) and grab some nourishment. […]

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  • Exercises to Flatten the Belly

    Exercises to Flatten the Belly

    Looking for ways to flatten your belly without spending endless hours on the mat or at the gym. Try these five exercises just three times each week. You will begin to notice a difference in time for swimsuit season. In fact, this may just be the year you dare to wear that bikini you’ve been […]

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  • Want a Healthier life- Here’s your to-do list to get started

    Want a Healthier life- Here’s your to-do list to get started

    If you want a healthier life there are several small steps you can take that will add up to a big difference. Making meaningful changes to improve health and fitness outcomes isn’t about buying fancy equipment or making huge promises. It is about setting yourself up for success by caring for your body a little […]

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