• How to expand your comfort zone when working out


    As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Mixing it up is especially important when it comes to working out because variety keeps boredom at bay. Variety also offers the body new challenges that build different muscle groups as well as stamina. But what if the idea of doing something new scares […]

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  • The Hip Dip

    Close up of female hands on hip against a white background

    Why some women have a hip dip and how to work out to get rid of it From our heads to hips to knees and feet no two bodies are exactly alike. We all come in different shapes and sizes. That is especially true when it comes to hips. Some form an uninterrupted curve and […]

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  • Yoga Poses to Help You Get Through the Holidays

    Pregnant woman meditating at home near beautiful decorated Christmas tree, sitting in lotus pose with closed eyes, body care and inner peace

    When it comes to being around your family (and extended family) during the holidays, there are a few things you know to be true: your uncle will get a little too ‘eggnog happy’, you’ll dive into seconds of your moms famous holiday ham and mashed potatoes, and you’ll experience escalated levels of stress. Keep calm […]

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  • Minding the Gap


    Why Having a Thigh Gap Doesn’t Mean You’re Healthier Than Someone Without One It seems like everywhere you look (TV, the models on magazine covers, and women strutting down the street) have one bizarre, striking thing in common: a thigh gap. And chances are, you’ll begun to wonder if you should have one, too. However, […]

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  • Looking forward: emerging fitness trends for 2016


    One good way to beat fitness boredom is by staying current with emerging trends. Trying what’s new can add more interest to your exercise and help you avoid burnout, too. Whether you’re looking for a few ways to liven up your routine or a great reason to get started, here are some trends to try. […]

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  • Combat Winter Blues With a Solid Exercise Regimen

    Fit girl training abs by raising legs on a horisontal bar. Fitness woman workout doing exercises outdoor winter park

    Winter wouldn’t exist without cold weather. But, the cold, gloomy weather can often cause you to feel housebound, restless and even blue.  There’s no better way to fight the winter blues than with a winter workout. Fight the sadness, boredom and dreary depression that the winter weather may bring on with consistent, fun, adrenaline pumping […]

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  • How to boost your immune system this winter

    Sick woman in fur hat sneezing in tissue. Ill girl caught winter cold flu in studio on green.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control peak flu season in the United States occurs between December and February. There are a few contributing factors. When outdoor temperatures drop we spend more time indoors. Add in a few holiday gatherings and game day parties to come up with the perfect environment in which to pass […]

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  • Is Getting Buzzed Keeping You From Getting Ripped?


    Ah, the holidays. It’s a time for being with loved ones, giving gifts, and…celebration after celebration with the indulgence of food, drinks and more drinks! There’s no avoidance of holiday parties and family gatherings, but how much is too much? Perhaps the most important question of all is this one: can getting buzzed during the […]

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  • How to listen to your body and what it’s telling you


    Our bodies send hundreds of signals each day. Signals that let us know when we are thirsty, sleepy, hungry, or hurt provide guidelines for meeting our ongoing maintenance needs. These signals can also keep us safe. For example, listening to your body is a key factor for reducing the likelihood of sports injuries. It may […]

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  • Why Comparing Yourself to the Person Two Treadmills Down is a Bad Idea

    group of young people running on treadmills in modern sport  gym

    It doesn’t matter what your health and/or fitness goals may be—to lose your love handles, to get bikini-ready for the summer, or to have toned legs that kill. In order to achieve any fitness related goal, motivation is everything—and when it comes to staying motivated, nothing kills it faster than a mindset of comparison. Here’s […]

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