Whether you’re a cardio queen or a weight room junkie, you’re passionate about fitness and so are those around you. With Black Friday coming up and the holidays right around the corner, there’s never been a more perfect time to get everyone on your list healthy and happy!  We’ve compiled a list of the most useful gifts* to help make you—and everyone around you—the fittest they’ve ever been.

Send Her to the Gym in Style


Image Credit: Fabletics.com

When she looks good, she feels good about working out! And, for some women, having the right workout gear is the one motivator she needs to get to the gym, period! Actress Kate Hudson is the face behind Fabletics, the trendy workout gear company that has the cutest looks around. For less than $50 a month, you’ll receive emails with custom designed looks you can take to the gym for an affordable price—and get your first outfit 50 percent off.






The Perfect Transportable Push-Up Machine

power press push up

Image Credit: Amazon.com

Is your boyfriend devoted to his morning weight workouts? Is your husband trying to get his bulging biceps back? Is your brother the ‘king’ of Crossfit, and you’re looking for the perfect gift for the man who has everything? Then consider the Power Press Push-Up to be the gift of the year. At $49.99, it will sculpt his arms in no time at all, while targeting multiple muscles at once.



Fitbit One

fitbit one

Image Credit: Fitbit.com

Whether you need a gift for your mother who never misses a morning walk, or your brother-in-law who is losing weight by leaps and bounds, tracking your progress is the single best motivator to continue make strides in your health.

Released this year, the Fitbit One will allow you monitor your progress when you’re both awake and asleep. Easily track how many calories you’ve burned, steps you’ve taken, and how many stairs you’ve climbed. You can even use it as an alarm (so you won’t miss that early morning spin class you’ve hold yourself accountable to.)


Brightly Colored Leggings


Image Credit: us.Puma.com

Working out has never been more fashionable, especially when you give a pair of Puma Pure Graphic Running Tights to the fitness junkie in your life. The pants are lined with mesh, and contain moisture wicking fabric, so whether you’re in a high intensity spin class or a beginner’s yoga session, you’ll always be comfortable. You’ll always be fashionable. And, you’ll always be prepared for a calorie burning workout (in style!)

Make this year the year you give the gift of good health, for the ones you love. Whether you pick out a pair of running shoes, stylish workout gear or Fitbits for all, you’ll without a doubt spread the holiday cheer.



*Opinions expressed are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Fitness 19. Specific product mentions should not be considered an endorsement.