• How Much Can Music Help Your Workout?


    Pumping iron, crunching and improving your muscle mass is all fine and good – but how long can you remain motivated to continue the climb? One of the greatest challenging of improving your physical body is facing every day putting in your best work – whether that’s at the gym, or outside in your boot […]

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  • Staying warm during outside winter exercise


    Winter weather does not have to drive you indoors for exercise. You can still enjoy outdoor workouts when temperatures drop with a little planning. Here is what you need to know. Assemble your gear You might want to reach for your parka, but dressing in layers is a better option. Even on the coldest days […]

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  • Fit and Compression Workout Clothes—Why You Need Them


    During your next workout at the gym, take a look around you and notice what others are wearing. The days of baggy, oversized pants and workout tops are over, because tight, dry fit, compression clothing is in—and it’s here to stay. Read on to find out why—and just what it can do for you. It […]

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  • Fun Ways to Stop Holiday Weight Gain


    With all the demands the holiday season places on our time and attention it’s no wonder weight gain is a worry. Don’t let the idea of pounds creeping up get you down. Here are a few fun ways to stop holiday weight gain. Keep moving Just because you can’t make it to the gym doesn’t […]

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  • Fats to Avoid


    Some fats are bad for you. Some of these have been in the news a good deal lately as snack makers and fast food giants work to remove them from our menus. These are trans fats. They are most often found in commercially packaged snacks and even in your favorite fast food sandwiches and fries. […]

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  • Running Surfaces and Your Knees


    So many places to run – your neighborhood street, the beach, park and let’s not forget the treadmill. Is one surface better than another for your knees? The jury is out. Although many runners insist that harder surfaces lead to more injuries, research does not bear this out. Instead, those in the know advocate variety […]

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  • Being Fit Can Help You Fight Illness


    You probably know that being fit feels good. But did you also know that being fit can help you feel well? If you are looking for another reason to get moving, this is it. According to Harvard Health Publications, regular exercise is one way to boost your immune system. Try to get in 30 minutes […]

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  • Why You Need the Three S’s of Fitness

    By now, you know that when it comes to getting fit, toned and slim, there are no ‘quick fixes’ or magic remedies to reach your goals. To change your body, you must go outside your comfort zone by changing a few eating habits and increase your daily activity. So, what’s the rule for getting in […]

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  • Fun Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

    Oh, the holidays. It’s a time of togetherness, and let’s face it – it’s a time of hectic-ness, too! Thinking back on the holidays from the past 2-3 years, have you survived it without overindulging in pumpkin pie, sugar cookies and a second or third helping of your mother’s garlic mashed potatoes? This year, make […]

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  • The RIGHT Way to Run


    The RIGHT Way to Run I already know what you’re thinking: there’s no right way to run! While that is sort of true—running is running, and if you’re doing that rather than sitting at home, you’re already ahead of the curve. However, there is a way to run that decreases your chances of injury and […]

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