• Have Fun Working Out With Your Best Friend—Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog


    Forgot the saying that goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend”. As far as your concerned, a dog is an ‘every person’s best friend’—and that goes double for you. Your dog is an honorary family member and a true companion.  So why exercise by yourself when you could do it with your best bud? […]

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  • Do You Really Need to Run? How to Make a Walking Routine More Intense


    The year is halfway gone—but can you say the same about your love handles? How quickly time passes, especially when it feels as though the beginning of the year was just here and you were so diligently focused (and on your way to achieving) your weight loss and fitness goals. Whether you’re still going strong […]

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  • The Best Dance Workouts


    Has it been a while since you’ve changed up your workout routine? Do you long to look as toned as Beyonce? Are you ready to skyrocket your confidence to a whole new level, and have the energy of a teenager? Dancing is the way, and a dance workout (modern dance steps set to energizing beats) […]

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  • How Athletes Stay in Shape Off Season


    Everyone’s got to carve out some time to rest and rejuvenate, even the athletically elite. So, just how does Tom Brady, Serena Williams or LaBron James stay in shape year round—especially when they’re not actively playing? During the off season, athletes mean business, and with a daily workout to prove it. Do you want to […]

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  • Nuts ARE Healthy For Your Heart


    If you’ve dieted in the past or are dieting now, then you most likely have experienced the ‘no nut’ rule. Nuts are bad, right? They’re fattening, and should only be an indulgence you can allow yourself every once in a while, right? Wrong. Nuts are good for your heart, and a healthy source of fat […]

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  • How to Begin Training For a Marathon


    If you’re preparing to run your first marathon, give yourself a pat on the back. After all, you’re about to undergo the transformation of a lifetime—by becoming more determined, stronger and fitter than you ever have been! As you already know, participating in a marathon—whether it’s a 5k, 10k or beyond—is no easy feat. To […]

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  • It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Your Injury


    Injuries are an unavoidable result of most sports and fitness programs. From sprains to pulls and strains to concussions, weekend warriors and professional alike are at risk. There are precautions you can take before and after an injury to minimize damage. Before You Suffer an Injury Get a once over from your healthcare provider to […]

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  • Cold Weather Is Right Around The Corner—Here’s the Gear You Can’t Live Without!


    These days you may be sweating every time you step outside—but soon, you’ll have a case of “Brrr… it’s cold outside.” Whether you love to run in your local Thanksgiving day marathon or hit the slopes, you need to the right gear in the cold weather to do your best. Here’s some must-have’s to ride […]

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  • How Do You Know if Your Personal Trainer is the Right One For You?

    Choosing the right personal trainer for you one of the most personal choices you’ll ever make for yourself. Each trainer offers a different approach, which is in line with their qualifications, experience and expertise. Do you want someone who specializes in women’s fitness, or one that will help you achieve a Sylvester Stallone physique? Here’s […]

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  • Move and Meditate


     Life is all about balance—but not just work life balance. Maintaining a balance between tough days at the gym and relaxing moments during the day is key to feeling both physically and mentally in shape. Meditation is the best way to create this balance. Just like in your workouts, the key is to choose meditations […]

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