• Body Fat Distribution and Exercise – How They Are Related

    Body fat is nobody’s best friend. Body fat is the friend at the party you wish hadn’t come to hang out. Body fat is the annoying cousin who won’t go away. Body fat is distributed differently in each person. Categorically, you fit into 1 of 3 main body types: ectomorph, endomorph, or mesomorph. You can […]

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  • Why Breathing Correctly Is Important


    Our breath is always with us. So much so we take it for granted. This constant, life supporting companion boosts fitness and focus, is critical for healthy respiratory and circulatory function, and can even calm us in the face of anxiety, anger or stress. There is power in the breath. Breathing correctly is important because […]

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  • Would A Cross Training Workout Be Best For You?


    The Did you ever hear the story of the beefcake muscle builder who challenged the marine to an arm wrestling match? For whatever reason, the large, overly-muscular body builder either felt threatened or wanted to show off by beating this marine. The marine was much smaller than the buffed-up beast, and the match didn’t last […]

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  • Ideas to keep up your workout while you travel


    Taking a break from work and the everyday bustle of life does not mean you also have to take a break from your exercise routine. Stay on track by changing it up. Make your workout plan flexible to keep it going while on a very busy or even a super relaxing vacation. Come home feeling […]

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  • The Best Athletic Shoes to Wear for Walking


    It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 65—injuries happen. And when you don’t have the proper support on your feet, those ‘injuries’—be it a knee, ankle or even toe discomfort—can and will happen more frequently than they should. Save the discomfort of high heels for nighttime use, and rely on comfortable, supportive walking shoes for […]

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  • Getting Started with a New Power Walking Routine


    Walking is a perfect component of any fitness routine. It is easy to do for all fitness levels, and because it is less jarring on the joints than jogging, walking results in relatively few injuries. Step up your walking exercise with power walking. Picking up the pace means more calories burned, a stronger heart and […]

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  • Yoga vs. Pilates, What Makes Them Both Unique?


    Both yoga and Pilates offer benefits for the body, including building strength, flexibility and balance. Although they are similar in their use of mat work and stretching exercises, yoga and Pilates are quite different. Some of the differences are explored below. Yoga Yoga originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. Today, there are dozens […]

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  • The Differences In Athletic Shoes

    Athletic shoes come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. When you head to your favorite sporting goods store, the myriad of choices can be very overwhelming. A lot of exercisers have their favorite brand athletic shoe. You know, the brand they seem to buy every time one pair wears out? They may have never even […]

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  • Stretches that Keep You on the Move


    If stretching were considered more fun, more exercisers would probably do them on a regular basis. The problem with the negative connotation surrounding the topic of stretching comes from the same lack of knowledge and experience that causes many other misunderstandings in the fitness world. Too often people think it’s “uncool” or “unnecessary” to stretch. […]

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  • Dreading Exercise? 3 Ways to Fix it Fast!


    Are you using every excuse in the book not to work out these days? It happens.   However, as painful as a hard post-workout may feel or as much as you may dread your upcoming workout, here’s the payoff: your body will turn from mush to muscular and mighty! Tone your quads, glutes and biceps with […]

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