• How Often Should You Weigh Yourself?


    You wake up in the morning, you’re feeling great and you step on the scale. Within seconds your entire day is changed—if the number is what you want to see, you feel amazing and move through your day with great pride. If it’s not what you want to see, however, the day can take a […]

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  • Beat Your Belly: How To Get Flatter Faster


    The pesky belly fat you and the rest of America deal with is never more pesky than smack-dab in the middle of Summer when you want to wear a swimsuit. Most people gain fat in their belly (the worst place to gain weight), and the reasons are different for everyone, but most have one thing […]

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  • Intensity for Endurance


    If you already have a fit body, aren’t a stranger to a 10K, or in general, feel pretty happy with the way you look (due to being a regular at spin class) you may think, “I got this. I’m in shape. Why change anything I’m doing in the gym or outside of it?” The truth […]

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  • Are You an Overworked Woman? You Still Need Your Wellness


    It doesn’t matter if you’re a wife, a girlfriend or on your own; married or single with children, or whether you’re in your early 20’s or late 50’s. When it comes to a balanced life, health and wellness is key. Are you feeling overworked and overwhelmed by all of your daily responsibilities, chores and deadlines? […]

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  • Laziness is Killing You—It’s Time to Get Up


    Physical inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death across the world, according to a study published in The Lancet, a medical journal, putting its risk factor on par with smoking cigarettes and overeating. What’s worse, four out of five children ages 13 to 15 are just as inactive. This inactivity is described as not […]

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  • Long Muscles vs. Short Muscles


    Not all muscles are created equal, and sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to make yours like those of the person next you crushing bicep curls. This is the case in terms of long versus short. But what’s the difference between long muscles versus short muscles, and how does it affect your workout? Learn more […]

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  • Do You have Saggy Arm? Make it Go Away!


    Maybe you call them batwings instead of saggy arms. No matter, of all the things loose skin that hangs from the outer arms can be called most of us don’t want to claim or keep it. Not to worry. If less than firm arms keep you in sweaters instead of free to strut sexy summer […]

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  • The Benefits of Running Uphill


    How often do you raise the incline when you run on the treadmill at the gym? How often do you seek out the flattest surface possible when running outside? It may be tough for you, as it is for many, to think about the ascension up a hill as you run, mainly due to the […]

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  • Are Jumping Jacks Really Beneficial?

    Jumping Jacks have been a staple in playgrounds and recess class for years. Football coaches will order their troops to perform jumping jacks with their pads on as a warmup before practices or games. If you’ve ever played a sport or attended school, you’re probably done some jumping jacks. But are jumping jacks really beneficial? […]

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  • Shaping Your Inner Thighs


    Are you desperate for shapely and sexy inner thighs (just in time for summer) so you can hit the beach or the barbeque with confidence? Forget the latest fad diet claiming to eliminate your ‘thigh gap’ or spending hours per week struggling to get the ideal pair of legs. Your inner thighs are a beautiful […]

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