• Exercise and Posture


    There are many things can affect your posture—sitting at a desk all day, slouching at the dinner table, and more. However, there’s one great way to improve it: exercise. The best way to improve your posture through exercise is to strengthen your core and upper back. A strong core keeps your back safe from injury, […]

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  • 5 Fitness Myths – What You Thought Was Right


    With so much information floating around these days how can you tell what’s right and what’s wrong? Sometimes it’s hard to make this distinction, even when you’re talking to or reading from credible sources. However, there are some facts floating around that are absolutely not true—next time someone tells you these myths are fact you […]

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  • Fitness Supersets – The Pros and Cons


    Supersets are exercise pairings performed without resting between. They can be planned to boost a single body part with two different exercises or for opposing muscles such as the chest and back. There are many good reasons to add supersets to your routine. They can help you improve calorie burn, save time in the gym […]

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  • Why You Don’t Give Up on Your Goals


    Are you trying to beat the insane roller coaster ride of diet food and pills, just to lose that unwanted fat around your belly and thighs? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results. So, pause. Take a deep breathe, and take a leap of faith […]

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  • 3 Great Tips to Living a Healthy Lifestyle


    Living a healthy lifestyle may seem challenging at the start: between wine nights with your girlfriends to dinner dates and an already hectic schedule, it’s understandably daunting. However, it is not impossible. In fact, it’s easy to do when your life and the decision you make revolve around being healthy, instead of the other way […]

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  • Body Balance: Exercise Your Sides Equally


    If you’re guilty of this, you’re not the only one: body imbalance.  While you may do everything right at the gym—properly positioned leg extensions, and correctly executed chest presses—you may be missing out on one important piece of the puzzle. Are you giving equal amounts of love to both sides of your body? Here’s how […]

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  • 5 Fitness Questions Ladies Want Answered


    As a woman, you want to maximize your workouts so that you not only love the body you’ve got, but appreciate the skin you’re in. Since 2014 is the year of the ‘smart’ workout (that is, working out smarter, not harder) we’ve got the answers to your most pressing questions. That way, you can maximize […]

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  • What Age Should Athletes Start Lifting?


    Some controversy has always surrounded the question, “What age should athletes start lifting?” Medical and scientific aficionados have always stressed the importance of proper program design, instruction, and adherence for young athletes. The controversies that arose around the idea of strength training for children undoubtedly came to be from improper instruction, lack of supervision, and […]

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  • Good Iron Levels = More Energy For Your Workouts


    Is your lack of iron responsible for your lack of energy? While you may experience a surge of energy mid-morning (especially after your second cup of coffee), chances are slim that you’re able to sustain a high level of energy through the afternoon. That is, it’s slim when your iron levels aren’t where they are […]

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  • The Overhead Press – Here is What You Need To Know


    The Overhead Press, also called the shoulder press, has been a go to exercise for building upper body strength. Although the lift has fallen out of favor in some fitness circles, it is still worth adding to your repertoire with strict attention to form. As with all weight training it is important to monitor form […]

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