• What Length of Workout Is Best?


    When it comes to choosing the best length of a workout, you first need to decide what your particular fitness goals may be. Resistance and weight training is easier when choosing a proper workout length, because the time spent is usually determined by the number of muscles groups being worked. The frequency of training your […]

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  • “Free Weights Compared To Machine & Cable Weights – Which Is Better?”


    Both free weights and machines encompass massive benefits for resistance training. If your fitness goals include adding strength, size to your frame, a combination of both, or simply toning up your muscles, using free weights like dumbbells or machines like cable weights and circuit equipment is a tremendous way to hit your target. So which […]

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  • Build Your Immune System with Fitness


    Fitness is good for you, right? While most tout its benefits in the form of a smaller waistline or bikini season bliss, your body doesn’t only benefit physically. What is happening within your body is just as worthy of your daily workout. If you’re prone to the yearly flu and every sickness that comes around, […]

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  • How to Fight Fat With a Stability Ball


    If you have a stability ball in your living room for your at-home workouts, you may notice your curious toddler sit and bounce on it, joyfully moving to the motions it makes, similar to a trampoline. You may smile, and watch him move up and down with a playful spirit, but when it comes to […]

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  • Let Your Workout Lower March Madness Blood Pressure

    Even though March is almost over, March Madness is in full swing. The Sweet 16 is set, and there has been no shortage of drama and great basketball games with tremendous finishes. The NCAA Tournament is a great way to catch some stellar basketball and root for your favorite team or those you picked to advance […]

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  • Are you Gym Hot or Gym Hot Mess?


    Baggy sweat pants, torn t-shirts and drab colors can take some of the zing out of your workout zeal. When you head to the gym dressed like that you look more ready to tackle a dirty chore than embrace healthy habit.  Maybe you feel that way, too. Change your attitude and, while you’re at it, […]

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  • Even Shorter Workouts are Beneficial


    One of the biggest obstacles many people offer when asked about exercise is time. There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. An easy way to finally conquer the time crunch is to rethink our ideas about fitting exercise into our schedules. You really can get a great workout without wrestling an […]

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  • Building Muscular Arms


    Building muscular arms begins with focusing on exercises and routines that develop the smaller, weaker muscles first. These muscles are too often ignored, and when they are weak, they limit the ability to add size to the larger muscles like the biceps and triceps. Once you gain strength in these smaller muscles, you’ll be freed […]

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  • Power Clean, What’s That?


    When you hear the words power clean your first thought might center on an innovative product to help something in your home sparkle. In fact, power clean is a way of weight lifting that more effectively works your muscles. Power clean techniques are useful for their ability to help build strength as well as speed. […]

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  • When Sore Muscles Mean Progress


    You’ve become a fitness machine, devoted to making your body feel and look its best. But is it paying off, and how can you tell? Some fitness experts don’t go by the number on the scale, or even by the amount of fat you lose along your waistline. When it comes to changing your body […]

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