• The Happiness Element. 10 Tips To Exercise Your Happiness.


    The fitness world is alive with all it’s research and the resulting conversations and debates amongst the participants about health benefits, weight loss, and cutting-edge routines that promise Greek god-like results in a matter of weeks, etc. The list could go on and on, and these hot topics are important and each has it’s place […]

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  • Trying to Lose Weight? 3 Things You Don’t Want to Do


    No matter how you look at it, losing weight isn’t just a battle of the bulge; it’s a battle of the mind. How much do you want to lose your baby weight, or extra pounds of the thigh? How determined are you to finally, once and for all, beat the obesity blues? Whether you have […]

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  • Dehydration and Exercise: a dangerous combination


    Do you want to make the most of your workouts?  Drinking plenty of water is a necessity for both performance and safety during exercise.  On a basic level, even slight dehydration can cause decreased physical and mental capability, which can reduce the benefits of your workout.  Yes, drinking too little water can make you feel […]

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  • Deadlifts: How To


    The deadlift is an awesome exercise. It strengthens the legs and back and more specifically targets the hamstrings, glutes, and erector spinae (muscles that run from the top of your spine down to your tailbone). Power lifters use this exercise for explosive power. Golfers use it to strengthen their lower backs and prevent injury. Women […]

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  • Train Your Triceps


    When it comes to building bigger arms, most people focus on the biceps, but the key to buffed-up arms begins by training your triceps. The biceps (key word “bi”) contain two muscles and the triceps (key word “tri”) contain three muscles: the long head, the lateral head and the medial head. So it’s obvious where […]

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  • Let the Mirror at the Gym Be Your Friend


    Quiet that critical voice in your head and boldly gaze into the gym mirror. Why? The gym mirror really is your friend. It is always there to help you monitor your progress, check your form and even indulge in a little fantasy. The next time you are at the gym get front and center for […]

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  • New Year’s Resolution: Get in Shape – Are you still in the game?


    You spent the majority of January focused in the weight room, and sweating, lunging, squatting, crunching and even grunting your body to success. You know that the foods you eat affect your mood, and that your health and wellness is entirely up to you. So, as you move into February, are you continuing to do […]

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  • What to Eat After Exercise


    I completed my first marathon a little over a year ago. Part of what really helped me accomplish what felt like a phenomenal feat was the training I received. Each week track club volunteers took us out for training miles, which we endured in the brutal summer heat. Some weeks there were post-run seminars that […]

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  • Workout Wednesday: Walking & Weights


    Walking is one of the best workouts around, but let’s face it – it can get pretty boring!  Whether you are walking around the neighborhood, circling the track at the high school football field, or using a treadmill, after some time you may feel like you are reaching a plateau and need to increase the […]

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  • Does Exercise Make You Mentally Smarter?


    Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language, but struggled at your lack of retention? Are you a horrible test taker, but want to go for your Masters? Do you simply want to be able to recall acquaintances names after meeting them, but as it has always been, their names go in one ear […]

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