• New Year’s Resolution – Get in Shape!


    Most of us have been there, done that—with high hopes and relentless optimism, we set the bar of good health for ourselves, and commit this New Year’s resolution to get into shape, from head to toe. Sure, we aren’t quite prepared to switch out the comfort foods for wholesome, whole grains, and we don’t know […]

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  • Finding Motivation After the Holidays


    Enjoying the many flavors, delicious dishes and delicacies of the holiday season is a double edge sword, but no puzzle to solve: it taste so good going down, but can be so difficult to burn off. Rich eggnog, mashed potatoes, ham with a sweet maple glaze and cornbread casserole; cake, fudge and pumpkin ice-cream (which […]

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  • Holiday Detox


    Even with the hustle and bustle of the holidays it is important to take time to restore your mind, body and spirit. Especially with so much going on around you, now is a good time to devote some attention to what is going on within you. Try one of the following holiday detox tips. Once […]

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  • Trying To Lose Weight, But The Scales Not Moving


    If you find yourself on the weight-loss journey, you probably have a scale to check your progress, or you at least used the scale to discover your starting weight. Hopefully you are employing some exercise into your weight-loss adventure. Perhaps you are simply counting calories and eating less. Many people have been successful at shedding […]

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  • Sugar Consumption and Your Health


    Sugar and all it’s sweet glory is so easy to consume, and in today’s food processing culture, overconsumption is abundant. Sugar consumption does little for your health, and it makes gaining weight very easy. If you were previously unaware that too much sugar will make you gain weight, and you find yourself reading this now, […]

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    Wondering what to get for your friends and loved ones who are fitness buffs?  There are many great gift options for those who love to work out, and you might even help them from packing on the holiday pounds! Cool Tech Gifts The Nike+ Fuelband is a watch, a pedometer, and a fitness tracker rolled […]

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  • Best Exercises for Heart Health


    Your heart is a muscle that pumps blood throughout your body. Like every other muscle the heart needs exercise to stay healthy and perform efficiently. Exercise keeps your heart healthy by reducing inflammation in the arteries and helping blood flow more freely through your vessels.  Even if you are a couch potato or the idea […]

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    When you think of being fit and healthy, you probably think of your muscles, your weight, or maybe even your heart.  But did you know that healthy lungs are directly related to a long and healthy life?  Studies show that the health of your lungs and their overall oxygen capacity are major factors in determining […]

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  • Shoulders, Neck and Spine – Keep it all in Line


    Together with the neck and shoulders the spine supports the upper body and full body movement. We don’t often think about the spine, shoulders or neck unless we begin to feel some discomfort. We should. One of the strongest arguments for proper alignment of the shoulder, neck and spine is their overall contribution to comfort […]

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  • Fix The Flabby Arm Fat


    “Fixing flabby arm fat” is the one use of alliteration that no one wants to hear. If you wave to a friend you see out in public, and your arm fat continues to flop in the wind after you’ve stopped waving, you may be suffering from flabby arm fat. For most, especially women, this area […]

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