• Getting Rid of the Muffin Top


    If you’ve ever enjoyed a breakfast buffet, you probably have also experienced not being able to resist loading up your plate with all the trimmings: scrambled eggs, pancakes, hash browns, toast and a fresh baked muffin. Why not indulge, and treat yourself to a decadent morning meal? The problem is, while those muffins taste good […]

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  • Treadmill Workouts


    Depending on where you live the winter months can present one more obstacle that derails your fitness goals. Leaving the comfy couch can already feel tough, but leaving even a lumpy couch can be a challenge when the weather is brutally cold. Keep your fitness plan on track by including regular gym and treadmill workout […]

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  • Workouts With Free Weights


    Workouts can be performed in so many ways. For strength training you could use machines, free weights like barbells and dumbbells, resistance bands or your own body weight as resistance. Resistance training is awesome for adding curvaceous muscle and blasting fat away. New research has shown the ability of the body to burn fat for up […]

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  • Get rid of stubborn belly fat


    There is more than one reason to be concerned about belly fat. Most often when it appears that our six pack is hiding behind a back pack, we worry about looking and feeling unattractive. More important than how belly fat makes us look is how it often serves as a health warning.  Too much belly […]

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  • Burn the Fat with Zumba


    Popular since the early 2000’s, Zumba combines aerobic activity with a variety of fun dance moves. Some of those moves include salsa, which makes sense since Zumba was born in Latin America.  Invented by Alberto Perez, a native of Columbia, Zumba enjoys worldwide popularity. If you have ever tried Zumba or talked to someone that […]

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  • Best Kept Personal Trainer Secrets


    Personal trainers seem to have many “secrets” to help their clients lose weight, get in shape, prepare for an upcoming season or attain whatever fitness goals the client may set for themselves. These trainers earned their certifications through studying and hard work, so it’s no surprise they seem to have an edge when it comes […]

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  • How to Use Social Media to Get Fitter, Leaner and Stronger!


    Make 2012 the year you take multitasking to a whole new level. Think about it: You check your friend’s Facebook status while sending out emails to your staff; you feed your growing babies while texting your spouse to pick up dinner on the way home. So, why not put this useful and already applicable skill, […]

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  • Enjoy the Holidays without Weight Gain


    The temptations are everywhere. Sweet treats in the break room, office parties, and gatherings with friends and family. It is no wonder we feel a little heavier going into the New Year. The good news is that for most of us the weight gain is minimal. On average we will only add about a pound […]

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  • “Feel The Burn – Exercise Your Thighs”


    Your thighs can tell a story about your overall health. Most body fat accumulates around the midsection, putting the internal organs and heart in jeopardy. The thighs are also good fat storage areas. These muscles are big, leaving plenty of room for fat. The good news is, these areas are easy to target, because so […]

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  • Should You Work out While Sick?


    Exercise has been shown to boost the immune system. But what if you get sick? Should you continue your workout routine or take a break? The general rule is for mild colds, i.e. a head cold with the sniffles, it is okay to exercise as long as you don’t overdo it. For more severe colds […]

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