Forgot the machines, because if you want ribbed abs (that will feel less like jelly, and more like a brick), you’ve got your use your own body weight as resistance. The following exercises will allow you to rev your metabolism while giving your midsection definition you dream of.
Abs to Bricks!
We love this exercise because you can do it at the gym, in your bedroom, or even while vacationing this summer in your hotel room. (Doing it on the sand will make it extra challenging, so if you feel the urge, go for it!) Start in the push-up position—making sure that your hands remain under your shoulders. Squeeze your glutes and your ab muscles as hard as possible.
rp_photodune-11804116-bosu-ball-modern-gym-ball-xs-230x150.jpgTake a bosu ball (or if you don’t have access to one, layer a few towels on top of one another to make an elevated platform), and place your hands on top of them. Remaining in the push-up position, walk off of the bosu ball (or towels) and onto the flat surface to the right of it. Do a push-up, followed by a burpee, followed by one more push-up, and then walk back onto the bosu ball or towels. Do a push-up, then walk to the left of the bosu ball/towels, and do a push-up, followed by a burpee, followed by one more push-up, and repeat the pattern five more times.
Single Arm Weights
Single arm weights are a great way to strengthen your abs—and all it will take is a kettlebell (or dumbbell) and a few minutes out of your day. All you have to do to start this exercise is place a weight in each hand, and walk. Make sure that your flex your stomach as you walk (as though someone is about to punch you in the stomach), and as an extra tip for brick-like abs—make a fist while you walk. This will help make this exercise more of a full-body one. As time goes by, increase your weight, and walk lunge, or walk while incorporating side squats. All of these add-ons will ensure that you are adding resistance to your workout, and continuing to make progress.
No matter where you are (the gym, a hotel room, or in your neighborhood), you can get abs of steel—putting everyone around you to shame. Make this ten-minute workout part of your weekly routine, and you’ll get ab-tastic in no time at all!