If you have a family to take care of or simply way too many chores to get done around the home, it can be difficult to schedule in a workout. Understandably, many will feel guilty of having to choose one or the other. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between getting things done and getting fit. There are plenty of household chores that burn as much as an actual workout. Don’t believe us? Here are 10 everyday chores that count as a part of your exercise routine. 


1. Washing Your Car


There’s nothing better than having a squeaky clean car, but did you know that the process of washing it can burn as many calories as an actual workout? Every part of the car washing experience is a mini workout that works the whole body. When you’re carrying large buckets of water, you’re strengthening your abdominal muscles. The swiping motion of cleaning can work your back, shoulders, and even some of your triceps and biceps. 


2. Painting Your Room or Exterior Home


Painting a room can seem like a calm chore, but you’re not noticing that while you’re being creative, you’re also getting in a great workout. Think about it; having to reach up and squat down to paint is a great way to work out your leg muscles. The swiping motion of the paintbrush is no doubt a cardio session in itself. 


3. Vacuuming Around the House


Besides its obvious benefit to your back muscles, properly vacuuming can really turn up the heavy lifting. As you move around your home, you begin to move large, heavy objects out of the way, often with one hand. This allows you to get in a great lifting session while keeping your home clean. 


4. Tree Trimming


Trees with large overhanging branches can be a dangerous thing to have around. This is why so many homeowners make it a point to trim their trees every once in a while. This can also be a good opportunity to replace a workout. Holding, moving, and placing force on a tree trimmer is no doubt going to provide you with an excellent workout. 


5. Raking the Lawn Leaves


Nobody likes to rake the endless amounts of leaves that fall onto the yard, but it has to be done. Fortunately, you can feel a lot better doing this chore knowing that you’re getting in a workout. The most difficult part of raking leaves has to be carrying all the bags of leaves onto your curbside for trash collection. 


6. Weeding Your Garden


Weeds all over the yard don’t exactly look the best. Weeding can be an excellent opportunity to also get in a workout. Those who’ve pulled weeds in the past can tell you that it’s no easy task. Some weeds will come out with the slightest pull, but others will fight you until you’re sore all over. Trust me, after a few hours of twisting and pulling, you’re going to feel it. 


7. Removing Old Fencing


There’s a reason why commercials fixing a fence are always used, and that’s because removing old fencing is a tough job. Shoveling old dirt to remove fence posts can really give your back and arm muscles a great workout. 


8. Cleaning Out Your Garage


Your garage is going to get a little messy throughout the week, especially if you have a large family. So, if you have to choose between a workout and cleaning, always choose cleaning. Having to move large boxes from one end to another, sweeping and dusting are great calorie blasters. 


9. Doing the Laundry


While your machine does most of the job, it doesn’t mean you aren’t putting in the work. Not only will you have to work your back and leg muscles to college every piece of clothing off the floor, but then you’re going to have to carry that heavy basket back to the machine. 


10. Powerwashing


It can seem from afar that someone power washing isn’t doing much, but that’s not entirely true. Power Washing has the word power for a reason. That fast stream of water forces the operator to tighten their legs and abdominals muscles throughout the duration of the cleaning. Add having to balance, and your body will no doubt be sore after a couple of hours of power washing.