• Want Bigger Arms? Squat!


    If you’ve been trying to lose some inches while gaining muscle—and your other workouts just aren’t doing the trick—why not give squats a try? This article covers the big-time benefit of doing squats for upper body fitness, and how to easily do it yourself—even if you’re a beginner. Why Upper Body Matters When You Squat […]

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  • Gym Etiquette 101

    Elevated View Of Busy Gym With People Exercising On Machines

    The gym can be a crowded, hectic place to be—and if you’re brand new to the gym environment, it can be overwhelming as well. Before you step foot in one again, it’s imperative that you know ‘gym etiquette’ to keep it as harmonious of a place as you need (and want) it to be. Wipe […]

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  • Myth buster – are sports drinks healthy?


    Exercise and hydration go hand in hand. So, it seems that sports drinks would be the perfect complement to your workout routine. Not so fast, researchers now say. Sports drinks may quench thirst but there are better, healthier options. The drawbacks of sports drinks The two biggest reasons to skip sports drink are calories and […]

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  • Why strengthening your core is super important to achieving your fitness goals

    fitness and diet concept - close up of female abs and hands showing thumbs up

    When we hear core the first thought that comes up for most of us probably has to do with tight abs. The abs are only part of the picture. Your core comprises your entire midsection or trunk, including your back. It supports virtually every move you make, especially when it comes to fitness. Washboard abs […]

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  • Healthy meals/dishes that are 5 ingredients or less


    Looking for healthy in a hurry? Get a great meal on the table in minutes with these 5 ingredient stars. Spanish Potato Frittata Ingredients 3 medium potatoes 2 tablespoons light olive oil 1 large onion, chopped 5 eggs, beaten Directions 1. Microwave the skin on potatoes until they are done. When cool enough to handle, […]

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  • How Much Weight Should I Be Using as a Beginner?

    Sporty fit man lifting light and heavy dumbbells weights. Closeup of muscular strong guy training. Bodybuilding exercise.

    Lifting weights is an incredible way to build lean muscle, lose weight, tone up, and rev your metabolism. It’s also a great way to destress and increase your overall energy. But, it’s just as important to know how much weight is too much. To avoid injury, you need to know how much weight is the […]

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  • 3 Simple Exercises That Pack a Big Punch

    Sports woman doing plank exercise

    Are you looking to get as physically fit, strong and lean as you can, in as less time as possible? Not all exercises—and effort put into those exercises—are created equal. The truth is, some workouts simply pack more of a fat burning punch than others. Keep reading to learn about the ‘big three’ – three […]

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  • Healthy fats you should incorporate into your diet


    It’s time to rethink your ideas about fat. Although low-fat diets were once all the rage, it turns out that’s only half the story. Some fats are good for you and should be part of a healthy diet. Here are good ones to look out for and tasty ways to add them to your plate. […]

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  • Healthy Lunches to Bring to Work

    Healthy lunch at office

    Lunch doesn’t have to be predictable. It also doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be unpredictable, exciting and nutritious! Here are a few simple, make-ahead meals you can enjoy all week long! Lemon Parsley Bean Salad Do you love beans? Citrus flavoring? Something different besides the tried-and-true chopped salad? If you love […]

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  • 3 mistakes you are probably making while lifting weights and how to correct them


    Weight lifting is a great way to tone up and slim down. It also helps you build muscle and functional fitness. That means you’ll give your metabolism a boost and have an easier time managing activities of daily living. Whether you are new to weight lifting or have been at the bench for a while, […]

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