• 7 Sources of Healthy Fats


    If you want to achieve lean muscle, greater definition and a slim frame, eat more fat! The truth is, ‘good’ fats such as olive oil, nuts and avocado support your metabolism, assist in a healthier body composition and even produce muscle gain. Learn about seven of the healthiest fats you can eat, and delicious recipe […]

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  • Can I skip cardio if I’m weight training?


    Whether you do cardio instead of, or in addition to, weight training will depend on your fitness goals. Here are some things to think about as you plan your workout routine. Weight training builds muscle A prime advantage of lifting is the muscle you’ll build. Muscle is important for maintaining a healthy weight. Aim for […]

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  • Tips for cleaning workout gear to make it last


    To help them last longer you’ll need to be as gentle on your workout gear as you are hard during your workout. Still, you want your clothes to be clean and fresh. You don’t have to choose. You can have a wash powerful enough to clean out odors yet gentle enough so your gear lasts. […]

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  • How to break through your weight loss plateau


    Doing all you can to lose weight and the scale won’t budge another ounce? Don’t give up, get creative! Here’s how to break through your weight loss plateau. Feast…then fast In an NBC News article titled, Feast or Famine: Evidence Mounts for Fasting Diets, author Parminder Deo writes about the weight loss success achieved by […]

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  • Fuel your early morning workout


    Contrary to what you may have heard, working out without fuel is not a good strategy for weight loss. Exercise after fasting (essentially the several hour period after sleep) only serves to encourage muscle breakdown and reduce performance. Both work against your goal. You need muscle to look lean and boost metabolism. You want to […]

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  • Free weights vs. machine weights


    Free weights vs. machine weights, is a wonderful question to consider as it assumes weight lifting activity. Great! Weight lifting isn’t only for body builders, it’s for everybody. When you build more muscle, you improve metabolism as well as functional fitness. So back to our question – which is best? Here’s what you need to […]

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  • How do muscles grow?

    Exercise for arms

    Our bodies have more than 600 muscles. What does it take to make them grow? Obviously, exercise plays a role but other things we may not think about, like diet and sleep patterns, are also a factor. Wondering what you can do to build tone or bulk? Here’s what you need to know. Exercise According […]

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  • Best pre-workout snacks


    If it has been more than a couple of hours since your last meal, a pre-workout snack is a good idea. Choose one with easily digestible carbs for quick energy and consume about 30 minutes before your workout. Here are some good choices to try. If you work out in the morning… Greek yogurt with […]

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  • How to Get Through Long Runs During Allergy Season

    Running woman

    Do you struggle with seasonal allergies? Do you love to run, but lose your momentum because the sneezes, itchy eyes and cough has you down and out for the count? If your allergies seem worse than ever, there may be a good reason for that: every seven years your allergies can actually become worse, due […]

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  • How to break up with Starbucks and drink less calories with your morning coffee


    Who doesn’t love the treat of a lovely latte or icy Frappuccino? The trouble is these treats, while delicious, add up to too many extra calories and, eventually, unwanted pounds. It’s okay to head to Starbucks on occasion, but every day is probably more than your sensible calorie budget can manage. You don’t have to […]

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