• 3 ways to cope with a slowing metabolism


    Factors such as aging and hormonal shifts can cause metabolism to slow. For many of us slower metabolism usually means faster weight gain. It also means that losing those extra pounds is more difficult. Don’t be too discouraged. These three tricks offer easy strategies for coping with a slowing metabolism. Reduce your calories Consuming the […]

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  • How to beat soreness with a foam roller


    Think you have to head to the spa each time you need to soothe sore muscles? Think again! Foam rolling or self-myofascial release (SMR) is like an anytime massage. Foam rolling speeds recovery and reduces the injuries. Anyone can do it. Here’s how… Let’s start with the basics. What is a foam roller? A foam […]

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  • Stay on track… how to keep walking during winter


    Don’t let chilly temperatures turn you into a couch potato…keep walking! Use these tips to help keep you moving and comfortable even when temperatures drop. Get the right gear Before you head outdoors, head to a specialty shop to get warm clothing. Ideally, you’ll want to dress in layers so you can adjust what you […]

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  • Must-Do Workout Moves For Your Posture

    Beautiful serene cool young fit woman in sportswear practicing yoga, sitting in Sukhasana, Easy Posture, asana for meditation, pranayama, full length, front view, studio image, black background

    Are you sitting upright at your desk, or slouching right now? If you’re slouching— and slouching is your default posture— then keep reading. You’ll learn how to drastically change your health, vitality and wellness simply by changing your posture. The Benefits of a Good Posture If your shoulders and hunched over while you type emails, […]

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  • Does working out in a hot environment improve performance?

    sweating girl after workout shake her head

    Competitive athletes and even weekend warriors are always on the lookout for any edge. Does working out in higher temperatures give that edge? Read on to learn if sweltering can help you shave seconds off your personal best or just improve overall performance. The Research The findings of a study by University of Oregon researchers […]

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  • How Strength Training Will Help You Lose Weight

    Adults having strength training

    Head into any weight room in any gym in America and you’ll see the proof: people of all ages (from high school students to retired school teachers) are using strength training to get toned, lose weight, de-stress and feel more confident than ever before. Here, we’ll set the record straight about strength training— and how […]

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  • How to Get Through the Holiday Season Without Gaining Weight

    Beautiful girl with Christmas hat measuring her waist on a over white background

    The holidays are upon us— but for many, it is not just a time of presents, get-togethers with family and holiday parties— but weight gain. If you want to avoid the ‘festive five’ (or more), here’s how you can get through the holiday season without gaining weight! Start Each Day Exercising (And You’ll Be Less […]

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  • Go to moves for slim, sculpted hips

    A picture of a young fit woman checking her hip measurements over white background

    Wear your jeans with new confidence. These moves will quickly get you on your way to the slim, sculpted hips you want. Ready to get your sexy back? Do these moves at least three times each week, throw in some cardio and get ready to sizzle. Bench Step-Up This one is a bonus. Not only […]

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  • Benefits of a heart rate monitor

    Runner woman with heart rate monitor running on beach

    Heart rate monitors might seem like just another gadget in a sea of personal gadgets. They are actually worth a second look. Here’s why to give one a try. Get real time information A big reason many of us don’t lose weight is skewed perception. We eat more calories than we think we do. What’s […]

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  • Is Just Walking Enough to Get in Shape?

    Woman walking in mountains in sport shoes

    Do you love losing weight, but hate running to achieve that goal? While it is true that running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise to lose weight, it’s not the only way. In fact, studies have shown that walking thirty minutes will allow you to burn 150 calories a day. Walk four days a […]

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